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An aspiring blogger for two years. A lot of online surfers, viewers and readers visited my blog. Thanks!
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I started blogging when I was in college. I saved it in my Friendster account with articles about politics and personal experiences. I have only few readers during that time and others didn't recognize it. 2010, when I made a major breakthrough in my writing with the help of my Facebook notes. With the help of encouraging comments and constructive criticisms, I was able to continue the dream of becoming a blogger and writer.

I created two Blogspot accounts. The first one is Iskrats Porpolyo which is recently deleted due to it was not updated anymore. This blog page, Perspectives in White Scratch Papers where it is the official blogging site for feature articles, selected personal journal entries, and reviews. In addition, it is also serve as a blog for English articles in order for the Filipino readers and foreigners to know more about the Philippines.

Soon, I will post my blogs with the use of my native language which is Tagalog in order to gain attention from the Filipino readers from different parts of the country and to the world.

I would like to extend my appreciation for those who view my blog from different parts of the world. Thanks a lot! I will keep on writing and sharing the talent. =)

- Jonathan Diesta, 21, Cavite -
Different Topics Posted in this Blog:
  • Reality shows and talent show contestants review
  • Travel blogs
  • Book reviews
  • Personal journal and friendships
There will be a new blog to be published this 2012 for my target audience which is my fellow Filipinos.

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