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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music Lover Review: The Asidors on Pilipinas Got Talent

The Asidors in Davao City auditions of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2.
Last season of Pilipinas Got Talent, there was a family of talented singers and musicians who auditioned in Davao City. They are The Asidors which composed of siblings namely Mendrell or Endy and Milcah for vocals, Wincerlove for saxocomb and vocals, Winner for bass guitar and vocals, Huly Ray for keyboard and Ximdrake for keyboard drums.

They auditioned in Davao City with a very good packaging and attire which made them look as professional musicians and singers. They have a very good blending of instruments and vocals which proves that they are not just a typical band which plays alternative music and has only one or two lead singers but they are all gifted singers and musicians. They  performed medley of love songs entitled "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men and "Tell Me" by Joey Albert which Kris Aquino's responded that they have a very good song choice especially in relating to those people who suffered from heartbreak. Then Ai-ai delas Alas commented that she impressed with a family who had a lot of talents to showcase. Lastly, Mr. Freddie M. Garcia said that they are the perfect example of contenders who did their best auditions which feels like their last and best performance. They got unanimous yeses from the judges but they didn't make it to the semi-finals. Supposedly, they were qualified for the semi-finals round but they didn't make it. They decided to give up due to conflict in schedule for their gigs and events.

Therefore, if they made it to the top 36, they truly deserved to be in the grand finals for two reasons: they are professional and gifted singers and musicians which makes them a band and they have the experience in performing in abroad by recording albums and singing religious songs. I watched their auditions many times through Youtube and their music was truly relaxing and exceptional. Finally, their auditions is one perfect example of talented Filipinos and hopefully they made it to upcoming seasons of Pilipinas Got Talent. Kudos for The Asidors!

I wish that they will try to record their rendition of love songs in a CD and religious songs and hopefully it will make a platinum record in local music industry because they deserve it!

Watch for the live auditions of The Asidors in Youtube: The Asidors - PGT - Performance / Vote

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