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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Korea's Got Talent Season 1: Auditions Review

Korea's Got Talent is the Korean franchise of the popular worldwide reality show and talent search Got Talent. When I watched the show, it proves that Asians like Filipinos and Thais got the talent and now Koreans have it. I witnessed from funny to entertaining auditions up to the best and heartfelt performances.

There are hopefuls in Korea's Got Talent during the auditions who impressed the Korean audience and viewers worldwide through Youtube or cable channels. The group of middle and high school students called The I Big Harmonica Ensemble gave an entertaining and lively performance with the use of harmonica as their instrument. They have the musicality and the perfect blending.
The I Big Harmonica Ensemble gave an entertaining performance with the use of harmonicas.
We also have ten year old Kim Tae Hyun (김태현who sang with clear diction and right lyrics of the song "Tomorrow." The song truly matches her age and her young angelic voice reminds me of Lea Salonga when she was a child and a child singer from Britain's Got Talent Connie Talbot. Hopefully she will make it to the grand finals.
Kim Tae-hyun, the ten year old girl who sang "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie.
Kim Min Ji with her classic and touching performance of Phantom of the Opera's "Think of Me."
The twenty-one year old blind opera singer, Kim Min-ji  (김민지) gave a heartfelt rendition of the song "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera. Similar with Kim Tae-hyun, she sang with clear diction and pronunciation of English lyrics. In addition, her proper dynamics of singing an opera classic is there and her auditions is one of the best auditions in Got Talent series because it made me cry because of the talent and her story.
The sand artist Kim Ha Jun shows a precise and creative sand art.
The sand artist Kim Ha-Joon (김하준) shows a simple but precise and creative presentation of sand art which makes him advanced to the semi-finals round of Korea's Got Talent. He's got the story in his sand art which is very creative and vivid details in telling the story through sand art.

Last but not the least is the Youtube sensation and early favorite Sung-bong Choi (최성봉) who touched the hearts of millions of people in different parts of the world with his heartfelt story where he is a homeless boy and his superb talent in opera singing. Others predict that he will the first grand champion of Korea's Got Talent. 
The opera singer Sung-Bong Choi with his semi-finals performance. 
Therefore, after the auditions in different parts of Korea, the 40 contenders were selected to compete in the semi-finals performance. Hopefully, I am looking forward to this five acts I mentioned to make it on the grand finals. There are lots of talented Koreans who auditioned in the show and looking forward for the next seasons of Korea's Got Talent! Kudos!

Korea's Got Talent is hosted by Noh Hong-cheol and Sin Young-il (counterpart of Britain's Got Talent's Ant and Dec and Pilipinas Got Talent's Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano). The judges for this show are Kolleen Park, Jang Jin and Song Yun-ah and it aired over TVN in South Korea.

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