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Friday, August 10, 2012

Couch Potato Review: Memorable Commercial Jingles in Philippine TV (Part 3)

Here's the top 10 best commercial jingles in Philippine TV.

Sharon Cuneta with daughters Frankie and Miel.
10. Nido (powdered milk drink for babies). This commercial was advertised in TV during 2010 to 2011 starring actress and TV host Sharon Cuneta and her daughters Frankie and Miel. I love the lyrics of this song because of the meaning which shows love to our parents and children by saying "You're my number one!"
Memorable Lyrics: "Look at me now, you're my number one. Bright as the day, you're my number one!"

The song "Just A Smile Away" was used in 1990 Close Up ad.
9. Close Up (toothpaste). In the late 80's and early 90's, songs such as "Closer You and I" by Gino Padilla and "Just A Smile Away" by Jaime Garchitorena are used as commercial jingles for Close Up. Most of the commercial models in the classic advertisement are showing love to each other with their beautiful smiles in their face.
Memorable Lyrics: "You were just a part of a dream, nothing more so it seems. But my love would keep much longer, I can't forget the picture of your smile. Cause everytime I close my eyes you come alive. The closer I get to loving you the closer I get to touching you give it time just a little more time we've getting closer you and I." and "There's a closeness that I feel that I am sure, you're just a smile away, just a smile away."

Colgate commercial with the kids.
8. Colgate (toothpaste). Two years ago until now, this is one of the unforgettable kiddie commercial jingles I heard in present time. I love the kiddie melody and the message of the jingle where kids will brush their teeth three times a day to avoid cavities.
Memorable Lyrics: "Brush brush brush three times a day. Brush, brush, brush keeps cavities away. Brush, brush, brush three times a day, brush with Colgate. Sheegeesheegee. Isa, pagkagising brush brush brush. Dalawa bago kumain brush brush brush. Tatlo bago matulog brush brush brush. Brush, brush, brush. Brush brush brush three times a day brush with Colgate."

Alice Dixon with Palmolive soap commercial in 1987.
7. Palmolive (soap). Nothing beats the classic ad of Palmolive in 1987 starring the two young and blooming ladies named Alice Dixon and Shiela Ysrael. They are one of the best and beautiful commercial endorsers in Pinoy TV because of their classic tagline "I can feel it!"
Memorable Lyrics: "It really works, you won't believe it. I can feel it!"

Two young ladies do the beat in Coca Cola.
6. Coca Cola (coke softdrinks). Two young ladies spending their time while singing the song and beating the table to form a melody. It became a hit among teenagers during 2003 and 2004.
Memorable lyrics: "Ito ang beat sabay-sabay, ito ang beat bawal sablay. Pabilis nang pabilis wag magmimiss wag magmimiss. Gets mo na, gets ko na! Aaahhh! Coca Cola! Nahihilo, nahihilo. Nalilito, nalilito. Coke ko'to Coke ko' to COKE Ko 'TO!"

Camella Homes with the petite child actress Chacha Canete.
5. Camella (real estate company). I remember this commercial in 2009 with a small girl named Cha-cha who moved so awkwardly because she felt that her home is too small. But she realized in the end, that she lives in a big house.
Memorable Lyrics: "Bulilit, bulilit sanay sa masikip. Kung kumilos, kumilos ang liit-liit. Bulilit!"

McDonald's slogan from 2005 up to present: Love ko 'to!
4. McDonalds (fast food chain). The song and English tagline for McDonalds is "I'm lovin it!". In 2005, American Idol season 3, third placer Jasmine Trias was invited in the Philippines to sing the Filipino tagline "Love ko 'to". Today, it is used as the tagline for McDonald's commercial. 
Memorable Lyrics: "Paparapapapap Love ko 'to!"

Milo commercial in 2004 with the young AJ Perez.
3. Milo (chocolate drink). The tagline used for Milo was used since 1980's in order to promote this chocolate drink as a healthy drink and it gives energy. Some athletes such as Bea Lucero and Japoy Lizardo became endorsers as well with young celebrities such as Rayver and Rodjun Cruz and AJ Perez. I think the drink is such a big help in sports.
Memorable Lyrics: "Great things start from small beginnings. Growing up with Milo. Milo Everyday!"

Mr. Clean ad in 1997 with the jingle "Labadami, Labango!"
2. Mr. Clean (detergent soap). The jingle was originally sang in the late 80's with soprano singer Sylvia La Torre. It has been used until the 90's which showed the effectiveness of Mr. Clean in whitening and cleaning the clothes.
Memorable Lines: "Labadami, labango. Mr. Clean mahal ka namin dulot mo ay labadami, labango!"

Jollibee and the mascots.
1. Jollibee (fast food chain). This is the most memorable commercial jingle I always remember since when I was a child. Even the kids of the 90's love to sing this song and mothers love to say "We will going to Jollibee" in order for their babies and kids to become happy. Filipino families went to fast food chains such as Jollibee during weekends.
Memorable Lyrics: "Isang tulog na lang, Jollibee na naman. Ang araw lulubog bukas mabubusog. Sa chickenjoy manok at yumburger bilog. I love you Sabado pati na rin Linggo hintay ka lang Jollibee nandyan na ako. Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee"

That's it thanks for reading the three part blog series on memorable Pinoy commercial jingles. These are my personal favorites and based on the opinions and perspectives of other people as well with the impact among the viewers and in pop culture. You can search that commercial jingles on Youtube and other blog sites. Thanks a lot!

- Jonathan - 


Anonymous said...

It Reminds me of my Childhood days.. :)

Franc Ramon said...

Great compilation. I can still recall all those commercials that proves its very effective.

ricky bernardino said...

wow these commercials reminds me of my younger days. you compiled all these wonderfully done commercials and I hope advertising company will go back to non -violent, not sexually suggestive commercials like what is happening now. these commercials was do effective that up to now I am a loyal consumer of most of these products.

RM Bulseco said...

OMY!!! Childhood overload! I can still remember the Close up's ad, yung kay Gino Padilla. Classic talaga yung Closer You and I!

papaleng said...

Cool commercials, specially the McDo one.. Hayz, now ko lang nalaman ang tanda ko na pala..LOl

dimaks said...

That Palmolive ad with Alice Dixson reminded me of the late comedian Chitae - he did that last reaction of Alice, in one of his movies, many years ago.

Mel Cole said...

i'm nostalgic about my childhood days too. of all, i love jollibee :D

Chef Jasper said...

reminds me of how old I am. but nice collection you got here.

Teresa Martinez said...

Past commercials can form part of our good memories especially if they special personal significance to us.

Dennis Dolojan said...

cant forget Alice Dixon. that would be immortal in Philippine commercial

Adrian Cuyugan said...

Who wouldn't forget Coke's? This was a fad everywhere.

FoxyReign said...

Who wouldn't forget Coke's? That was a fad everywhere!

caustic wit said...

I'll never forget Gino Padilla's Close Up jingle. That was my favorite.

Raine Pal said...

Graveh! Pagbabalik tanaw. Hehehe. Nice compilation. ^_^

Mai Flores said...

Grabe! Just reading through your post, and having seen some of these old commercials again just brings me back to my childhood days! :)

Pinoy Chocophile said...

nice post, I hope my part 2, the good old days hahaha... I remember doing a commercial adverts performed in a HS social studies class... yay!

jsncruz said...

Not all of the ads worked for me, but the ones that do, are pretty memorable indeed. I find it cool how so much of a story can be told in such a small amount of time. Just like blogging: brief and high-impact is usually better than long, draggy, and monotonous.

ana karen Banhag said...

Oh my!!! i would love to read all the entries... my thesis was about Stars that started from TV Commercials (FA Advtg graduate) even now, I would watch from You Tube our old TV commercials. San Miguel beer, Royal True Orange, those of RJ Ledesma. Camay, Lux... Lilet's Coke commercial.. there are just a lot that warm my heart... of copurse, Alice Dixon's 'i can feel it' :)

Vento Coseuss said...

Nice collection. While looking on these commercials, I got into memory lane. :D

Les said...

This is a great compilation..love them all! Ang galing :)

tatess said...

this post reminds me of the fast.We have actually commercial that are worth remembering at sarap balik balikan.

marri said...

Just EPIC commercials! Reminiscing good old days when television is not that high tech yet. Still no ads about unli txt and call. Hahahaha!

Alex said...

I remember the alice dixon/shiela ysrael commercial - it's one of those iconic commercials from the 80's era.

Dems said...

Great list you have here! I'm familiar with most of your entries but what I love most is the Coca Cola one! :D

Justin | Hari ng Lakbay said...

Epic talaga ang commercial ng Pinoy, lakas maka-viral nung mga kabataan natin, 80/90s baby FTW!

markpogi said...

This only shows how old we are right now =P

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