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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Insights on X Factor Philippines Eliminations

For the past few weeks, we witnessed talented Filipino singers who auditioned in X Factor Philippines. Since auditions, I became a fan of some of the contenders who made it to the top 20 through final 12. However, there are some contenders who are deserving to make it farther than the other remaining contestants.

AKA JAM from Groups category. They are Jhelsea Maine Flores, Auriette Divina, Katrina Velarde, Ashley Campbell, Alyssa Quijano and Monique Lualhati. They auditioned as individual acts but the judges decided to form them as a group. Their elimination is one of the most controversial ever in X Factor Philippines.  Photo Courtesy of X Factor Philippines Facebook Fan Page
  • First of all, in the Judges Homes round, the judges make a very good line up of contenders for top 20.
  • I am having a hard time to choose who will make it to the top 12 especially in Groups Category mentored by Gary Valenciano. The five acts who made it to this category are Sweet Bliss, Daddy's Home, 5th Avids, Takeoff and Lucky Girls (changed their name into A.K.A. JAM). All of them did a great job in their auditions to bootcamp but in the end, Sweet Bliss and 5th Avids were eliminated. However, the two acts eliminated did a very good job in their auditions to bootcamp because of the blending of their voices and perfect song choice.
  • The top 5 contenders who make it to the Over 25 category mentored by Pilita Corrales are Paulo Castro, Joan Da, Cristine Ledesma, Modesto Taran and Mark Mabasa. At first, I didn't accept the fact that Cristine Ledesma and Paulo Castro were eliminated. The reasons why these two contenders are deserving in the top 12 because Paulo made an impressive performance during the auditions because of his voice which is similar to Michael Jackson. On the other hand, Cristine Ledesma is also deserving in the top 12 for the reason that she is the total package singer: the beautiful looks, the classy voice and the sophisticated style. However, when the top 3 contenders (Mark Mabasa, Joan Da, Modesto Taran) started to show their talent in the live shows, they deserve their spot there.
  • The first three weeks of eliminations were such a not so good nights for me. In the first week, Joan Da and Jerrianne Templo made it to the bottom 2, although Joan did a very good acoustic rendition of Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" and Jerrianne did a soulful and powerful performance of "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack during the performance night, but they are the bottom two. In the end, Jerrianne was send home after the decision of the judges. 
  • During week 2, Takeoff did a rendition of Backstreet Boys' "Larger than Life" although they have a good choreography but there are many sharps and flats in singing while Mark Mabasa did a very good rendition of The Beatles' classic "Got To Get You Into My Life" and they are the two contenders who got the lowest number of votes in top 11. However, Mark Mabasa, one of the frontrunners in the contest was eliminated via deadlock.
  • The third week of the live shows was more shocking when two groups namely Daddy's Home and AKA JAM made it to the bottom two. Both of these groups from Gary Valenciano's category are very good and consistent from their auditions to the live shows. However, because of the shocking revelation, the judges were having a hard time to vote and AKA JAM was sent home through deadlock.
I am wondering why the very good contenders went home. Is that because of lack of support from the voters or other reasons behind the contest? Well to the top 9 remaining contestants good luck and more power. The nine remaining contenders are Kedebon Colim, Jeric Medina and Gabriel Maturan from Boys category under Martin Nievera; Allen Jane Sta. Maria and KZ Tandingan from the Girls category mentored by Charice; Joan Da and Modesto Taran from the Over 25's under Pilita Corrales and Takeoff and Daddy's Home from Groups by Gary Valenciano.

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