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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Couch Potato Review: Memorable Commercial Jingles in Philippine TV (Part 1)

As a couch potato, commercials and advertisements are part of TV habit among Filipinos in their households. Actually, there are some people who are bored in commercial breaks while others are enjoying it by imitating the actions and dialogues as well with memorizing commercial jingles. Since when I was a child up to now, there are remarkable Pinoy commercial jingles that I still remember because it is easy to sing and recall plus the mass appeal of the songs. 

Here is the list of my most memorable commercial jingles in Pinoy TV. Come and let us have a recall of the timeless songs from the Pinoy TV commercials and advertisements. The criteria for selecting the commercial jingles are recall from the masses, relevance of lyrics to the viewers especially in imparting Filipino values and the entertainment value. Now, let us proceed to the list of the classic commercial jingles in Philippine TV. Here is the first ten out of the thirty memorable commercial jingles I remember:
Philippine Airlines Shining Through advertisement in the 1980's.

The 1987 Coca Cola commercial with the song "Tomorrow's People" became a hit all over the world
with versions from different dialects. In the Philippines, Lilet is the one who performed the song.
United American Tiki Tiki Star, multivitamins for kids (2000 - present)
Pampers (2010)
  1. "The beauty of the Philippines shining through, Philippine airlines." - Philippine Airlines, flag carrier of the Philippines (I watched this advertisement via Youtube and it promotes Philippine tourism as well. One of the most beautiful commercials.)
  2. "I am the future of the world, I am the hope of my nation, I am tomorrow's keeper. I am a new inspiration and we got a song to sing to you and we got a message to sing for you." - Coca Cola, softdrink brand (It became a worldwide hit in 1987 where it has versions from different parts of the world. The title of the song is "Tomorrow's People" with meaningful lyrics and touching accompaniment) 
  3. "You're in good hands with Metrobank." - Metrobank, a commercial bank (reminds me of my childhood and teenage days between late 90's and early 2000's)
  4. "Mag-Sarsi ka para maiba, may pagkakataong umangat sa iba." - Sarsi, softdrink brand (commercial during the 80's which encourages the viewers to stand out among the rest)
  5. "United American Tiki-tiki Plus for Babies." (1990's to early 2000's) + "United American Tiki-tiki Healthy Buong Body." (2000's) - United American Tiki-tiki, a multivitamin syrup for kids (easy to remember plus kids always know the lyrics)
  6. "Mahaba-habang inuman SanMig Light." - San Mig Light, a beer
  7. "Sabado Nights." + "Tama na yan inuman na!" - San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen (for 5 and 6, we can enjoy moments with our friends through bondings but I am not drinking beer so folks, drink moderately and responsibly)
  8. "More energy, mas happy." - Enervon, a multivitamin supplement for adults (be energetic and smile to gain happiness in work and celebrities such as Carmina Villaroel and Michael V became endorsers)
  9. "Good morning, good morning dahil sa Pampers ang sleep mo, ang sleep mo mahimbing. Iwas leaks, iwas leaks up to ten hours masarap ang gising." - Pampers, diapers for babies (A child friendly commercial with an elephant)
  10. "3 in 1 plus 1 Happy Kaarawan." - Selecta 3 in 1 + 1, an ice cream with four flavors namely Chocolate, Ube, Strawberry, Mango (Groovy dance moves with Vhong Navarro)
  11. In addition, the jingles of the shampoo brand Rejoice  from "Sunod sa Galaw" by the Jaboom Twins, "Walang Sabit" by Sandara Park and "Kering-Keri" by Kim Chiu are also unforgettable and 70's commercial of Kodak singing Paul Anka's "Times of Your Life". 
Wait for the second part of my memorable commercial jingles in Philippine TV.

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