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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Insights on X Factor Philippines Eliminations

For the past few weeks, we witnessed talented Filipino singers who auditioned in X Factor Philippines. Since auditions, I became a fan of some of the contenders who made it to the top 20 through final 12. However, there are some contenders who are deserving to make it farther than the other remaining contestants.

AKA JAM from Groups category. They are Jhelsea Maine Flores, Auriette Divina, Katrina Velarde, Ashley Campbell, Alyssa Quijano and Monique Lualhati. They auditioned as individual acts but the judges decided to form them as a group. Their elimination is one of the most controversial ever in X Factor Philippines.  Photo Courtesy of X Factor Philippines Facebook Fan Page
  • First of all, in the Judges Homes round, the judges make a very good line up of contenders for top 20.
  • I am having a hard time to choose who will make it to the top 12 especially in Groups Category mentored by Gary Valenciano. The five acts who made it to this category are Sweet Bliss, Daddy's Home, 5th Avids, Takeoff and Lucky Girls (changed their name into A.K.A. JAM). All of them did a great job in their auditions to bootcamp but in the end, Sweet Bliss and 5th Avids were eliminated. However, the two acts eliminated did a very good job in their auditions to bootcamp because of the blending of their voices and perfect song choice.
  • The top 5 contenders who make it to the Over 25 category mentored by Pilita Corrales are Paulo Castro, Joan Da, Cristine Ledesma, Modesto Taran and Mark Mabasa. At first, I didn't accept the fact that Cristine Ledesma and Paulo Castro were eliminated. The reasons why these two contenders are deserving in the top 12 because Paulo made an impressive performance during the auditions because of his voice which is similar to Michael Jackson. On the other hand, Cristine Ledesma is also deserving in the top 12 for the reason that she is the total package singer: the beautiful looks, the classy voice and the sophisticated style. However, when the top 3 contenders (Mark Mabasa, Joan Da, Modesto Taran) started to show their talent in the live shows, they deserve their spot there.
  • The first three weeks of eliminations were such a not so good nights for me. In the first week, Joan Da and Jerrianne Templo made it to the bottom 2, although Joan did a very good acoustic rendition of Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" and Jerrianne did a soulful and powerful performance of "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack during the performance night, but they are the bottom two. In the end, Jerrianne was send home after the decision of the judges. 
  • During week 2, Takeoff did a rendition of Backstreet Boys' "Larger than Life" although they have a good choreography but there are many sharps and flats in singing while Mark Mabasa did a very good rendition of The Beatles' classic "Got To Get You Into My Life" and they are the two contenders who got the lowest number of votes in top 11. However, Mark Mabasa, one of the frontrunners in the contest was eliminated via deadlock.
  • The third week of the live shows was more shocking when two groups namely Daddy's Home and AKA JAM made it to the bottom two. Both of these groups from Gary Valenciano's category are very good and consistent from their auditions to the live shows. However, because of the shocking revelation, the judges were having a hard time to vote and AKA JAM was sent home through deadlock.
I am wondering why the very good contenders went home. Is that because of lack of support from the voters or other reasons behind the contest? Well to the top 9 remaining contestants good luck and more power. The nine remaining contenders are Kedebon Colim, Jeric Medina and Gabriel Maturan from Boys category under Martin Nievera; Allen Jane Sta. Maria and KZ Tandingan from the Girls category mentored by Charice; Joan Da and Modesto Taran from the Over 25's under Pilita Corrales and Takeoff and Daddy's Home from Groups by Gary Valenciano.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Couch Potato Review: Memorable Commercial Jingles in Philippine TV (Part 3)

Here's the top 10 best commercial jingles in Philippine TV.

Sharon Cuneta with daughters Frankie and Miel.
10. Nido (powdered milk drink for babies). This commercial was advertised in TV during 2010 to 2011 starring actress and TV host Sharon Cuneta and her daughters Frankie and Miel. I love the lyrics of this song because of the meaning which shows love to our parents and children by saying "You're my number one!"
Memorable Lyrics: "Look at me now, you're my number one. Bright as the day, you're my number one!"

The song "Just A Smile Away" was used in 1990 Close Up ad.
9. Close Up (toothpaste). In the late 80's and early 90's, songs such as "Closer You and I" by Gino Padilla and "Just A Smile Away" by Jaime Garchitorena are used as commercial jingles for Close Up. Most of the commercial models in the classic advertisement are showing love to each other with their beautiful smiles in their face.
Memorable Lyrics: "You were just a part of a dream, nothing more so it seems. But my love would keep much longer, I can't forget the picture of your smile. Cause everytime I close my eyes you come alive. The closer I get to loving you the closer I get to touching you give it time just a little more time we've getting closer you and I." and "There's a closeness that I feel that I am sure, you're just a smile away, just a smile away."

Colgate commercial with the kids.
8. Colgate (toothpaste). Two years ago until now, this is one of the unforgettable kiddie commercial jingles I heard in present time. I love the kiddie melody and the message of the jingle where kids will brush their teeth three times a day to avoid cavities.
Memorable Lyrics: "Brush brush brush three times a day. Brush, brush, brush keeps cavities away. Brush, brush, brush three times a day, brush with Colgate. Sheegeesheegee. Isa, pagkagising brush brush brush. Dalawa bago kumain brush brush brush. Tatlo bago matulog brush brush brush. Brush, brush, brush. Brush brush brush three times a day brush with Colgate."

Alice Dixon with Palmolive soap commercial in 1987.
7. Palmolive (soap). Nothing beats the classic ad of Palmolive in 1987 starring the two young and blooming ladies named Alice Dixon and Shiela Ysrael. They are one of the best and beautiful commercial endorsers in Pinoy TV because of their classic tagline "I can feel it!"
Memorable Lyrics: "It really works, you won't believe it. I can feel it!"

Two young ladies do the beat in Coca Cola.
6. Coca Cola (coke softdrinks). Two young ladies spending their time while singing the song and beating the table to form a melody. It became a hit among teenagers during 2003 and 2004.
Memorable lyrics: "Ito ang beat sabay-sabay, ito ang beat bawal sablay. Pabilis nang pabilis wag magmimiss wag magmimiss. Gets mo na, gets ko na! Aaahhh! Coca Cola! Nahihilo, nahihilo. Nalilito, nalilito. Coke ko'to Coke ko' to COKE Ko 'TO!"

Camella Homes with the petite child actress Chacha Canete.
5. Camella (real estate company). I remember this commercial in 2009 with a small girl named Cha-cha who moved so awkwardly because she felt that her home is too small. But she realized in the end, that she lives in a big house.
Memorable Lyrics: "Bulilit, bulilit sanay sa masikip. Kung kumilos, kumilos ang liit-liit. Bulilit!"

McDonald's slogan from 2005 up to present: Love ko 'to!
4. McDonalds (fast food chain). The song and English tagline for McDonalds is "I'm lovin it!". In 2005, American Idol season 3, third placer Jasmine Trias was invited in the Philippines to sing the Filipino tagline "Love ko 'to". Today, it is used as the tagline for McDonald's commercial. 
Memorable Lyrics: "Paparapapapap Love ko 'to!"

Milo commercial in 2004 with the young AJ Perez.
3. Milo (chocolate drink). The tagline used for Milo was used since 1980's in order to promote this chocolate drink as a healthy drink and it gives energy. Some athletes such as Bea Lucero and Japoy Lizardo became endorsers as well with young celebrities such as Rayver and Rodjun Cruz and AJ Perez. I think the drink is such a big help in sports.
Memorable Lyrics: "Great things start from small beginnings. Growing up with Milo. Milo Everyday!"

Mr. Clean ad in 1997 with the jingle "Labadami, Labango!"
2. Mr. Clean (detergent soap). The jingle was originally sang in the late 80's with soprano singer Sylvia La Torre. It has been used until the 90's which showed the effectiveness of Mr. Clean in whitening and cleaning the clothes.
Memorable Lines: "Labadami, labango. Mr. Clean mahal ka namin dulot mo ay labadami, labango!"

Jollibee and the mascots.
1. Jollibee (fast food chain). This is the most memorable commercial jingle I always remember since when I was a child. Even the kids of the 90's love to sing this song and mothers love to say "We will going to Jollibee" in order for their babies and kids to become happy. Filipino families went to fast food chains such as Jollibee during weekends.
Memorable Lyrics: "Isang tulog na lang, Jollibee na naman. Ang araw lulubog bukas mabubusog. Sa chickenjoy manok at yumburger bilog. I love you Sabado pati na rin Linggo hintay ka lang Jollibee nandyan na ako. Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee"

That's it thanks for reading the three part blog series on memorable Pinoy commercial jingles. These are my personal favorites and based on the opinions and perspectives of other people as well with the impact among the viewers and in pop culture. You can search that commercial jingles on Youtube and other blog sites. Thanks a lot!

- Jonathan - 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Couch Potato Review: Memorable Commercial Jingles in Philippine TV (Part 2)

Here is the next set of commercial jingles which are memorable to the Filipino audience particularly with the kids and women, plus the men and the masses as well. They are remarkable because of the meaning of the song plus the convincing power of the products they delivered.

Palmolive Naturals Soap with endorser, Anne Curtis.
1. Palmolive Naturals Soap (soap). A commercial by actress Anne Curtis where she sang with the tune of MYMP's "Get Me" in 2011 for Palmolive Naturals Soft and Moisture with a slogan "Music for my Skin and Soul." Then in 2012, she sang the jingle in the tune of True Faith's "Perfect" for Palmolive White and Moisture. I think it is funny but cute because Anne Curtis showed her talent in singing although it is not good plus her confidence and her beauty which makes her a perfect commercial endorser for Palmolive Soap.
Memorable Lyrics: "Para sa puting pang-diyosa" (Palmolive White and Moisture) and "I feel your soft caress upon my skin like a touch from a rose." (Palmolive Soft and Moisture)

Royal Tru Orange ad in the 1990's.
2. Royal Tru Orange (orange-flavored softdrink). A commercial in the 1990's sang by the late Francis Magalona. He performed it with the tune of his rap song "Ito ang Gusto Ko." It has a significant message to the people especially in advocating peace, friendship and care for nature.
Memorable Lyrics: "Ito ang Gusto Ko, RTO, Ito ang Gusto Ko Royal Tru Orange"

Nikki Gil, an actress, singer, TV host and VJ gained her popularity in 2004 Coca Cola commercial.
3. Coca Cola (coke softdrink). A one-and-a half minute commercial in 2004 which starred by Nikki Gil while she was walking in the streets of Manila, giving Coca Cola to the people she met while singing.
Memorable Lyrics: "Sana'y masabi sa awit kong ito, lahat ng ninanais nitong puso ko. Sana saan man patungo sa buhay may pag-ibig may pag-asa may saya at saysay. Sana sa bawat sandali matikman mo, sarap ng pagsasama at simpleng ligaya. Tara na sakyan lang malay mo, andyan lang andyan lang ang hinahanap mo." 

Sonny Padilla with the two women in Family Rubbing Alcohol ad.
4. Family Rubbing Alcohol (rubbing compound / alcohol). A commercial in the 1990's featuring Sonny Padilla, an international boxing referee and the father of singer Zsa Zsa Padilla plus the two customers which are the housewife and the doctor who bought the said brand of alcohol in the supermarket. This commercial was used in boxing matches aired in RPN 9 and IBC 13 during the 90's.
Memorable Lyrics: "Family Rubbing Alcohol. Di lang pampamilya pang-sports pa!"

B-E-A-M means smile. A popular jingle during the 90's in radio.
5. BEAM (toothpaste). A commercial jingle in the 1990's and early 2000's which aired in radio and television. 
Memorable Lyrics: "B-E-A-M means smile. Smile kami pag BEAM. Beam na Beam ngiti'y protektado, panalo sa presyo panalo pag BEAM!"

Vilma Santos in the classic ad of nail polish brand "Caronia."
6. Caronia (nail polish). A popular commercial in the 1980's with four beautiful ladies dancing. The nail polish is also endorsed by Vilma Santos and the defunct gag show "Tropang Trumpo" did a spoof of that classic.
Memorable Lyrics: "Caronia, Caronia, there's every reason to sing and dance the secret of beauty is in your hands."

Carnation Evap, the full cream milk.
7. Carnation Evap (evaporated milk). In the summer of mid-1990's, I remember this song during my elementary days that is why I decided to taste the local delicacy and thirst quencher halo-halo with Carnation Evap. I remember the can of this milk was topped with a toque in the said commercial.
Memorable Lyrics: "Halo-halo iba't-iba kay tamis kapag sama-sama. Carnation Evap! The full cream milk!"

Sunny Orange, a bottled juice drink in the 1990's.
8. Sunny Orange (bottled juice drink). The famous bottled juice brand in the 1980's to 1990's with different flavors such as orange, lemon, grapes, strawberry and ice cola. Then, the rival of this brand is Ritchie's Orange. It is pronounced as Zenny Orange in the later parts of the song.
Memorable Lyrics: "Sunny Orange I love you, Lemon, grapes, strawberry (Ice cola in the 90's version). Sunny Orange super quality."

Maggi Sinigang sa Miso with the young Sam Concepcion.
9. Maggi Sinigang sa Miso (food seasoning). One of the commercials in the early 2000's featuring the young Sam Concepcion, who is the winner of the first season of singing contest for kids Little Big Star in 2005. It is proven that Sam's got the talent in singing and rapping at his young age. He is also with his dad Raymond Concepcion in this commercial.
Memorable Lyrics: "Parang may isang anghel sa aking labi na nakalutang sa ulap at nangingiliti. Kung ang alat at asim ay tulad ng hain ni Inay. Suspetsa ko ang buong mundo ay mapayapa at masaya."

Life is colorful with souped vegetables for Knorr commercial.
10. Knorr Sinabawang Gulay (food seasoning for soup). One of the commercials in the late 2000's with the Goin Bulilit Kids Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro. The most important message of this commercial is to encourage the kids to eat vegetables in order to have a healthy lifestyle.
Memorable Lyrics: "Makulay ang buhay, makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay."

Marian Rivera in "Skinwhite"
11. Skinwhite (whitening lotion). It is one of the commercials which lead Marian Rivera to stardom plus the jingle "Shine" which was sung by Regine Velasquez. The song was originally an entry in the 1996 Metropop Song Festival which placed second after Jaya's "Sometimes You Just Know." After this ad, there is also Mika Lagdameo, a model who paired with a guy and it has a beautiful storyline.
Memorable Lyrics: "There I was alone in the shadow, couldn't found my way. Cause you make me shine, shine, you keep me shining through. It's true, I'm shining on all because of you."

12. Nescafe (three-in-one coffee). Last year, I remember this commercial with a girl singing with the people who are bitter (meaning disappointed or bored) and they become happy.
Memorable Lyrics: "Good morning sa inyo, Sweet and Mild ang kasama ko. Tamis ng iyong halik, umaga at walang pait. Good morning sa inyo!"

Wait for the last part of the couch potato review for the top 10 best Pinoy commercial jingles and songs of all time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Couch Potato Review: Memorable Commercial Jingles in Philippine TV (Part 1)

As a couch potato, commercials and advertisements are part of TV habit among Filipinos in their households. Actually, there are some people who are bored in commercial breaks while others are enjoying it by imitating the actions and dialogues as well with memorizing commercial jingles. Since when I was a child up to now, there are remarkable Pinoy commercial jingles that I still remember because it is easy to sing and recall plus the mass appeal of the songs. 

Here is the list of my most memorable commercial jingles in Pinoy TV. Come and let us have a recall of the timeless songs from the Pinoy TV commercials and advertisements. The criteria for selecting the commercial jingles are recall from the masses, relevance of lyrics to the viewers especially in imparting Filipino values and the entertainment value. Now, let us proceed to the list of the classic commercial jingles in Philippine TV. Here is the first ten out of the thirty memorable commercial jingles I remember:
Philippine Airlines Shining Through advertisement in the 1980's.

The 1987 Coca Cola commercial with the song "Tomorrow's People" became a hit all over the world
with versions from different dialects. In the Philippines, Lilet is the one who performed the song.
United American Tiki Tiki Star, multivitamins for kids (2000 - present)
Pampers (2010)
  1. "The beauty of the Philippines shining through, Philippine airlines." - Philippine Airlines, flag carrier of the Philippines (I watched this advertisement via Youtube and it promotes Philippine tourism as well. One of the most beautiful commercials.)
  2. "I am the future of the world, I am the hope of my nation, I am tomorrow's keeper. I am a new inspiration and we got a song to sing to you and we got a message to sing for you." - Coca Cola, softdrink brand (It became a worldwide hit in 1987 where it has versions from different parts of the world. The title of the song is "Tomorrow's People" with meaningful lyrics and touching accompaniment) 
  3. "You're in good hands with Metrobank." - Metrobank, a commercial bank (reminds me of my childhood and teenage days between late 90's and early 2000's)
  4. "Mag-Sarsi ka para maiba, may pagkakataong umangat sa iba." - Sarsi, softdrink brand (commercial during the 80's which encourages the viewers to stand out among the rest)
  5. "United American Tiki-tiki Plus for Babies." (1990's to early 2000's) + "United American Tiki-tiki Healthy Buong Body." (2000's) - United American Tiki-tiki, a multivitamin syrup for kids (easy to remember plus kids always know the lyrics)
  6. "Mahaba-habang inuman SanMig Light." - San Mig Light, a beer
  7. "Sabado Nights." + "Tama na yan inuman na!" - San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen (for 5 and 6, we can enjoy moments with our friends through bondings but I am not drinking beer so folks, drink moderately and responsibly)
  8. "More energy, mas happy." - Enervon, a multivitamin supplement for adults (be energetic and smile to gain happiness in work and celebrities such as Carmina Villaroel and Michael V became endorsers)
  9. "Good morning, good morning dahil sa Pampers ang sleep mo, ang sleep mo mahimbing. Iwas leaks, iwas leaks up to ten hours masarap ang gising." - Pampers, diapers for babies (A child friendly commercial with an elephant)
  10. "3 in 1 plus 1 Happy Kaarawan." - Selecta 3 in 1 + 1, an ice cream with four flavors namely Chocolate, Ube, Strawberry, Mango (Groovy dance moves with Vhong Navarro)
  11. In addition, the jingles of the shampoo brand Rejoice  from "Sunod sa Galaw" by the Jaboom Twins, "Walang Sabit" by Sandara Park and "Kering-Keri" by Kim Chiu are also unforgettable and 70's commercial of Kodak singing Paul Anka's "Times of Your Life". 
Wait for the second part of my memorable commercial jingles in Philippine TV.
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