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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Cybercrime Law

It has been two years ago since I posted my blog entry on the legal and personal impacts of online abuse. Recently, the Cybercrime Law (RA 10175) was proposed to the public in order to address the problems in the online world particularly to the bashers and violators in the Internet.  Thirteen senators approved the vote of implementing this law. However, there are some netizens who protesting against this law because they believed that it is the end of the freedom of expression. It is stated that online users cannot download music, videos or games, watch live streaming videos and you cannot post comments and like a status or comment in social networking sites particularly in giving harsh comments to the public figures. 

I am looking forward to implement this law to those posers, cyberbullies, cyberbashers and cybercriminals who did a lot of horrible bad things. In addition, the users who enjoying their time through socialization and recreation online who are not doing bad things, don't include them because they were thinking that they don't have the freedom of expression. Please don't remove the rights of using the Internet (especially in freedom of expression) and to the online users, please don't abuse the free opportunity in using the Internet. Yes we want freedom but don't abuse it or else, we don't like the consequence of it. Is that kind of consequence will prove that history repeats itself? (Remember: Martial Law was declared in September 21, 1972 in order to decrease the crimes during that era. However, the results were removing of freedom of expression and the punishment to those people who expressed their opinions. After forty years, the Cybercrime Law is here.)

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Franc Ramon said...

Cyber crime law is needed but there were insertions that made it unreasonable.

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