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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Legal and Personal Impacts of Online Abuse

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The Internet is considered as an open and digital world by getting closer to the world with just one click away. By simply sitting in the front of our computer, we can search the stuff that we want and we can communicate with people through long distance, just to feel that they are just here.

We are fond of surfing the Net as our pastime through research, online games, forums, discussions and social networking. We can meet new friends, join in forums and discussions, sharing personal insights and opinions, and post journals, photos, and videos. In addition, it makes our communication and research easier through Internet.

Some young Filipinos are spending their time on surfing the net and they take advantage on the freedom of using the Internet. On the contrary, some of them want to harm others through Internet which leads to abuse. Some examples of these cases are online pornography, threats, gossips, hacking, online scams, hate letters, and cyberbullying that results into negative impact to other people.

In some social networking sites, we can report these cases but we need to wait for the approval of the website for the official sanction like canceling the message, photo, video or blog reported and suspension of the personal account of the user who created and spread the abusive stuff. However, these abusive stuff that considered as crimes like cyberbullying, pornography, hacking, gossips, and others are still spreading in the online world. Like what is mentioned before, there are sanctions for these cases but most of us are unaware and ignoring these things that we have the right to report the abuse of Internet that harm others.

Therefore, we can say that there is an absolute freedom in using the Internet. But the outcome is too bad for those who abuse it that results into defamation and conflict. As a matter of fact, Internet users that be careful in meeting people online, use our limitations and be responsible in using the Net and do not use it for abuse and harm. Don't be afraid to report cases of online abuse, we have the right to use it to defend ourselves. For the website administrators, operators, analysts and upcoming Internet professionals and workers, be strict and aware to that negative stuff spreading online. For the government, start making laws on proper use of Internet for the Filipinos because we are in the contemporary world and technology is dominating in our society. To all lawmakers and government officials, give priority on the proper use of Internet as one of the major issues in our society. Finally to all Filipinos and to people in different countries, open our minds for awareness on online abuse and crimes. We can start it in ourselves to stop the abuse on using the Internet for harm and damage of other people online. Use the Internet for good and friendly purposes towards harmonious communication online.

Hopefully, there will be an online profession which is similar to detectives, inspectors, or patrollers that block the abusive online habits, as well as the people who spread the abusive stuff in the Internet and give the appropriate penalty.

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