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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Second Semi-Finals

The second batch of semi-finalists: Virgilio Del Carmen, B4, Angel Calalas, Lapinid Sisters, Madonna Pianista and Skeights.Source: Google Photos
The competition continues for the second batch of semi-finalists for the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent last May 7, 2011. This batch is definitely unique in terms of their talent and impact in the audience.

The show begins with the funny performance of Virgilio Del Carmen Jr. of Cebu. He has a very unique voice which resembles to the late Yoyoy Villame and did a cellphone punchline (where in  his audition performance, his wife called to him while doing the judges verdict). However, he did a right song choice but predictable and he did a good job as an impressionist of Yoyoy Villame.

The dance troupe from Baguio City called B4 (also known as Baguio Boom Boom Boys) showed their coolness in stage: from creative props and effects for their intro, choreography, song choice, poppin and lockin moves and their packaging. Overall, it was a very entertaining performance.

The singing duo of Gracelle and Kristelle Lapinid or simply the Lapinid Sisters  from Kidapawan, Lanao del Norte did a very good job in singing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing". The musical arrangement, song choice and the vocal prowess are very good. They improved so much from their auditions and they can do better if they grow up.

To begin with the second half of the finalists is Fernan Santuyo, also known as Madonna Pianista, the pianist from Albay. He has an exceptional skill in playing the piano plus the fast hands in plucking the keyboard keys in the tune of Richard Clayderman's "Balade Pour Adeline".  He has a nice melody and he is different in terms of attire.

We also have a jamming session from Skeights, the band troupe from Davao City singing their rendition of "Break Even" by The Script.  They have a very good song choice and blending of musical instruments and vocals. However, their performance is somewhat predictable. Therefore, they have a great future in local music industry as the next band sensation because their music is on the mainstream.

The final act of the night came from Angel Calalas, the hula hoop tricker from Cainta, Rizal. She did a very exceptional act using hula hoops. It was a very hard act to follow where she has the versatility in making hula hoop tricks plus the gracefulness and endurance for twirling the hula hoop. In addition, her performance is the most spectacular moment of the night because she is not just focus on twirling but she did other  acts like fire dancing and  simple acrobatic acts. using hula hoop tricks. Hopefully she will make it to the grand finals because of her excellent performance.

Who will make it to the grand finals? Who will get the highest number of text votes and who will get the judges choice? Watch this Sunday on Pilipinas Got Talent Results Night, Sunday 9:00 p.m. on ABS-CBN.

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