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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Interests in Writing: The Beginning

Every people in the world has its own talents and skills granted by God. The Philippines is a third-world country but every citizen is endowed with spectrum of talents in various genres. Lastly, I am a Filipino, born in Cavite, a province located in the Philippines, possessing my own talents and skills.

I am a young guy who has a wide imagination. I love to read and study. I like to share my knowledge through teaching. I am a talkative person who tells a lot of stories which is interesting but majority of it is non-sense. Most of all, when I am quiet, there are lots of ideas running in my mind that I like to share to others (sometimes there are moments that I talk to myself alone or in my inner thoughts). These ideas are diverted into writing.

Before, I was a type of person who is not fond of talking too much. However, because of the influence of people who has a gifted skill in conversation, I am willing to share my experiences also. But there are times that you cannot please everyone to listen in what you are saying because they have different interests.

I really love to write. When something comes into my mind which enlightens or entertains me, I will write it. I love to have my pen and paper in my stuff. I am also interested in looking at everything around me, writing in my journal, watching TV, reading books, and browsing the Internet where I get inspiration and ideas in writing.

During my younger days, I am fond of reading fairy tales, history books and even my books in school. Until now, I still love reading books: from humorous books of Bob Ong to Alex Lacson's "12 Little Things That Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country" and even inspirational books like "Kokology" by Professor Isamu Saito.

I am interested in politics, TV shows, entertainment, travel, feature articles and personal essays. I am fond of writing essays but not skilled in writing poems. In addition, I want to experience writing a short story or a play.

I write when I have distinct ideas come into my mind that is interesting and I want to share it  to others. First, I write it on a paper, then encode it in a computer, edit or revise and print. After printing, I will share it first to my circle of friends and keep it in my folder. This is my routine and process in my writing skill.

 didn't expect to get compliments from other people because of writing. It was started in sixth grade, when our teacher is finding a representative for our section to join the essay writing contest about health and nutrition. Two of my classmates said that I am the one to join in the  contest. Although I don't have any idea what an essay is until I agree to participate for our section. When the contest starts, I found out that an essay is a form of writing which brought together groups of paragraphs from one topic. I just write anything about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and nutrition for kids. Until I got the third place in the said contest.

In high school, I still continue to achieve the dream but it stopped due to busy in studying. However, there are still written activities in some subjects in school. During our senior year in high school, my friends and I were able to submit an article to our school paper but we're failed to make it.

When I came to college, I was motivated to pursue the dream once again. In first year college, I joined the Essay Writing Contest during the National Language Week (Linggo ng Wika). I wrote an essay about our national language and how it evolves and used it in everyday life and its reflection in our culture, using Filipino language as a medium of communication. Therefore, I achieved my very first medal which I got the second place in the said contest. In my junior year in college, I also join in our campus publication. However, due to lack of funds, our articles were not published. It is also the first time when I hooked up to blogging through Friendster. I express my thoughts through blogs but it is hard to convince people because they judged your work by criticizing it.

During the time when I don't have a work, I'm always staying at home, spending time with my parents and in front of computer. Until I'm addicted to Facebook notes and Blogspot. I wrote some essays covers different topics including extraordinary experiences and views about current events. The most unforgettable thing happened to me during that time is when I become part of the Online Writing Contest in OfficiallyPhilippines.com. I wrote about Filipino food during summer entitled "Cool Pinoy Delicacies for Hot Summer." It was published in the said website where the contest held, in my Facebook and Blogspot account. Also, it requires online votes because it is a nationwide contest. In the end, I didn't win and I still continue to pursue my dream as a writer.

As of now, I am still writing with the help of paper, pen, television, computer, blogs, imagination and even imaginary friends. I am not yet a well-known writer. I'm still a neophyte in this field. Although it is just a beginning, I am eager to reach it for those who believe and support in this talent. Thanks for those people who believe in me. I cannot write this without your moral support. Most of all, I would like to extend my appreciation to Our Lord because You gave this skill that I have to share with other people. This is a humble beginning for a novice like me.

(This blog entry was translated with the help of Google Translate and revisions by the author. The original title is "Ang Aking Hilig sa Larangan ng Pagsusulat: Isang Pagsisimula")

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