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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friendster Reformat

Friendster changes into a social entertainment site

Friendster is a pioneer social networking site in 2002. There are 98 million users of Friendster worldwide and Philippines got the highest number of users with 20 million people. It is also the social networking site that introduces to keep in touch with your friends through messages, comments and testimonials, uploading photo albums, posting shoutouts and bulletin boards and participating in forums and groups about a particular topic of interest.

However, when Facebook enters the online scenario, it has 500 million users around the globe. It features not just photos, groups, shoutouts and blogs, you can also chat with your friends, like a fanpage, and enjoying in various applications in this networking site.

This May 31, 2011, the social networking site Friendster will have its major reformat to social entertainment site where you can enjoy listening to music and playing games. On the other hand, all of your account contents including photos, testimonials, comments, messages, blogs, forums, groups, and shoutouts are no longer part of your account starting May 31. But with the help of an application called Friendster Exporter, you can recover your account contents and download or export photos and blogs securely to third party sites such as Flickr, Blogger and Multiply. However, your account will not be deleted. You still have the same email login and password and your basic information and friends list will be preserved in the new Friendster.

Author's Note:

I started to become part of the social networking site when I was in first year college. It was 2005. My first social networking site where I became part of it was Friendster. It was cool and exciting to use where I meet new friends, getting updates from famous personalities (if they are not posers), sharing your photos and blogs and keeping in touch with your friends in other places. I was active in Friendster for five years and when Facebook came in the virtual online world, it was also exciting as well as Friendster. 

Being hooked in Facebook gives you more time to spend on the Internet through using applications, chatting with friends and liking a fanpage and I still have time to visit my Friendster. I hooked up in Facebook for two years since 2009 and in Friendster for almost seven years. (Although others don't have time to check their Friendster because they said that it is boring and Facebook is more advanced in terms of networking and interaction with online friends) This coming May 31, they will have a major reformat from social networking site to social entertainment site where they can enjoy listening to music and playing online games. Hopefully, Facebook, Friendster, Blogger and other websites keep on improving their assets to attract more online users. Keep it up! 

- Jonathan Diesta, 21, Cavite -

Source: Friendster to delete users’ content by May 31

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