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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Auditions Review

Right after the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent, the reality-talent show franchise continues its airing for the third season. This season, different variety acts conquered the show plus there are still performing acts like singing and dancing. For the first ten weeks of auditions, there are acts who truly stand out because of their unique talent they've shown.
Jet Barrun from second season come back with her rendition of "Man in the Mirror" with her distinct vocal quality and strong showmanship.
Knch Lhnn Cabillo of Cebu City made an impressive performance of Jennifer Holliday's "And I'm Telling You" which makes her tagged as the next Charice Pempengco of PGT.
Khalil Joseph Ramos with his rendition of "I'll Be" which makes him the next singing heartthrob of PGT. 
The Synergy Dance Troupe shown a breathtaking and world-class aerial acrobatics act.
Edmon Gaduang shown his keyboard playing skills in an upbeat tune although he was blindfolded.
Jefferson and Kurt Bringas made a smooth acoustic performance and their story  touched the hearts of the judges.
Kim Tenorio used his dwarf puppets in entertaining the people.
El Gamma Penumbra shown a unique and outstanding performance with their shadow play.
The impressionist and voice impersonator Elok Palabok did a great job in impersonating voices of Spongebob Squarepants and local personalities in Philippine TV.
  • Trio Aerialist (Aerial Fabric Dancers, Bacolod City) - They did a breathtaking routine of aerial fabric dance plus they have the precise stunts in falling from the curtains as well as their balancing skills.
  • Jefferson & Kurt Bringas (Acoustic Duo, Davao City) - They made a touching rendition of Peter Cetera's classic "After All" plus a sob story of the brothers which can be an inspiration to many people. 
  • Loverkada Kids (Gymnastics Group, Butuan) - They have the flexibility and the grace of being a professional gymnasts and contortionists at their very young age. 
  • Bahaghari (Reggae Band, Iloilo) - This band composed of men ages 20 to 50 years old were able to impressed the crowd and the judges with their rendition of Rey Valera's "Naaalala Ka" with their attack of reggae and definitely the musical accompaniment is the best.
  • Hello World (Dance Crew, Davao City) - They auditioned from season 1 with their poppin dance routine in the tune of Taylor Swift's "Love Story." This third season they come back with more improved dance routine but the clown costumes didn't change. 
  • Knch Lhnn Cabillo (Singer, Cebu City) - She is a veteran in various local singing contests. Among the kiddie performers who performed in the past three seasons, she is one of the best because of her powerful voice, suave dynamics and clear diction with her rendition of "And I'm Telling You." She will be the next Bianca Ryan or Charice Pempengco.
  • Galileo Brocoy (Intellectual gifted child, Baler, Aurora) - I encountered the youngest auditionee so far in Pilipinas Got Talent. He was able to recognize the flags of the nations plus the pictures of famous boxers which reminds me of my childhood days where my relatives asked me "What is the capital of Ilocos Norte?" and I answered "Laoag". 
  • Vocal FX (Beatboxing Group, Bacolod City). They are similar to First Beat Effect from the second season but their style is different where they used sounds of things like mosquito in their routine which shows a story. 
  • Synergy Dance Troupe (Aerial Acrobatics Dance Troupe, Negros Occidental) - For the first time in Pilipinas Got Talent where I saw a world class performance which is similar to Cirque de Soleil where there are pole dancers and aerial fabric dancers who can fly to the highest level. They shown a superb performance. Definitely, for grand finals!
  • Willy Cordovales (Singer, Antipolo) - He had a powerful golden voice and a clear diction to deliver a ballad and he is one of the potential winners this third season. His style is similar  to Rolando Permangil of season 1 and Martin Nievera. 
  • El Gamma Penumbra (Shadow Theater Group, Batangas) - They did an amazing job in shadow theater with their concept of showing the beauty of the Philippine culture and tourist spots. It was a very good performance!
  • Gino Alonzo (Magician, Davao City) - He come back from season 2 and his magic is still consistent and fantastic where he used bird tricks which ended up in appearing a cockatoo.
  • Kim Tenorio (Puppetteer, Liliw, Laguna) - His talent is truly exceptional in terms of how he use his puppets in performance and entertaining the people. The dynamics were truly fun to watch and the music choice he used is Shakira's "Waka Waka".
  • Marlon Custodio a.k.a. Elok Palabok (Voice Impersonator / Impressionist, Tanay, Rizal) - He is one of the rare and unique acts I've ever encountered in auditions of PGT. He had a mass appeal plus the capacity to impersonate voices of characters in Sponge Bob Square Pants and news anchors of ABS-CBN. 
  • Jett Barrun (Singer, Pateros) - We remember her last season because of her powerful voice and showmanship on stage with her rendition of Dianne Reeves' "Better Days" but she didn't make it to the semi-finals. This third season, she performed with more confidence and an improved showmanship and song choice with her performance of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" where it is a very rare chance to encounter a female  singer to sing that hit. 
  • Edmon Gaduang (Keyboardist, Nueva Ecija) - He had a very good piano playing skills and although he was blindfolded, he can make an upbeat tune and the musicality was there. 
  • Philippine Dubstep (Beatboxing Duo, Davao and Gen. Santos City) - Harold Gesulga from season 1 and Kervy Salazar from season 2 joined their forces to reach the goal of being a winner of PGT 3. The two beatboxers from Mindanao who appeared in previous season shown their talent in beatboxing especially in producing sounds.
Jarah Valido did a very good performance of Basil Valdez's "Ngayon at Kailanman."
Sandugo Band of San Pablo City made an energetic showmanship with their song "Modelong Charing" by Blakdyak and "Laki Sa Layaw" by Mike Hanopol.
Miss D Dance Scholars of Lucena shown a flawless and polished ballroom steps.
The Upbeat Dance Company Kids of Bukidnon made a cute and graceful ballet dance routine in the tune of Abba's "Mamma Mia."
The reggae band Bahaghari of Iloilo shown an energetic performance singing Rey Valera's "Naaalala  Ka."
Jeziel Dimagna-ong is a true blue rocker from Siquijor.
Sendhara Trillanes performed with her piano and angelic voice with her version of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You."
Gino Alonzo of Davao made a comeback with his bird and card magic tricks plus a cockatoo in the end of his routine.
Trio Aerialist of Bacolod made a breathtaking aerial fabric dance routine.
Three year-old Galileo Brocoy of Baler, Aurora show his talent on recalling the names of flags of different countries.
  • Sandugo Band (Band, San Pablo City) - Definitely the counterpart of Bahaghari Band with their reggae style in performing plus they have the showmanship and they know how to have a rapport in the audience with their performance of Mike Hanopol's "Laki Sa Layaw" and "Modelong Charing" by Blakdyak. If there will be a late night show in ABS-CBN, hire this band immediately because they can give life to the show.
  • Jarah Valido (Singer, San Pablo City) - The singer from Laguna did a very good vocal dynamics and diction in singing Basil Valdez's "Ngayon at Kailanman." 
  • Miss D. Dance Scholars (Ballroom Dancing Troupe, Lucena) - They have a world class costumes and flawless and polished ballroom steps. 
  • Khalil Joseph Ramos (Singer, Paranaque) - He's got the boy next door looks and a very good voice which deserves to be on the mainstream of music industry. He can be the next teen rocker of PGT.
  • Christian Samson (Quick Change Artist / Street Magician, Taguig) - He made a fusion of street magic and quick change in his routine. He can change his clothes quickly without any props to use. He did a very good job which makes him the David Blaine of PGT 3.
  • Kiriko (Rappers, Sta. Cruz, Laguna) - They have the meaningful lyrics, fast enunciation of words but clear delivery in performing their rap. They have the memorable lyrics "Pula, asul, dilaw at puti" which means that they made an impact and they can follow the footsteps of rappers like Andrew E., Francis Magalona, Salbakuta and Gloc 9.
  • Upbeat Dance Company Kids (Ballet Dancing Troupe, Bukidnon) - They have the graceful movements in doing a ballet and they are cute which matches their young age and talent.
  • Jeziel Dimagna-ong (Singer, Siquijor) - His voice is similar to Jovit Baldivino and Arnel Pineda with his performance of Journey's "After All These Years". He is a true blue rocker at his age of 38 and he deserves to have a break in music industry which proves that Siquijor has got talent.
  • Larry Tamala (Magician and Comedian, Davao) - His magical tricks were truly funny because his magic was very clumsy and full of lapses in his execution. However, he did a very remarkable and entertaining auditions. He is trying to follow the footsteps of Rico the Magician in terms of doing the dance and animal tricks.
  • Renagine Pepito (Singer, Cagayan de Oro) - If Knch Lhnn Cabillo represents the best child singer in Visayas, Regina will be her match in Mindanao. She had a very powerful voice and she made an impact in the crowd with her performance of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. She needs to improve her timing in singing her piece.
  • Pauline Agupitan (Singer, Batangas) - A child singer in the Manila auditions who left her class in order to audition in this show. She sang Fantasia's "I Believe."She had a very clear diction and powerful voice but she needs to improve her mastery of the song especially in selecting the highlight of her performance. 
  • Elmer Jun Hilario (Acoustic Singer, Negros Occidental) and Sulpicio Garcia (Acoustic Singer, Manila) - The two acoustic singers did a good job in performing their audition pieces as well with their looks and packaging. Elmer did a version of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and he wowed the crowd in Cebu auditions. On the other hand, Sulpicio was compared to Side A's frontman Joey Generoso with his performance of "Forevermore."
  • Kenzo Ortiz (Singer, Laguna) and Miguel Hernandez (Singer, Manila) - Kenzo Ortiz is the son of the former actress Olivia Ortiz. He stand out in the auditions with his looks and voice in his performance "Narito" by Gary V. On the other hand, Miguel Hernandez sang "This is the Moment" where the two hosts thought that he looked like the X-men Character Wolverine. Both of them have good looks and a very good voice which made them the next heartthrobs of PGT.
  • Sendhara Trillanes (Singer and Musician, Batangas) - She had an angelic voice and a musical talent with her audition piece of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You." Although she shown for almost one minute only, I always remember her with her talent which proves that she can compete in other singing contests on TV. Her act reminds me of Hollywood week in American Idol.
  • Jeremiah Velasco (Singer and Musician, Cavite) - He did his best performance so far. He rejected in the auditions of season 1, he passed but he failed to make it on the semi-finals on season 2. Will Jeremiah made it to the semi-finals of the third season? He had the musicality but he doesn't have the good voice to sing.  
Hopefully these contenders will make it to the semi-finals plus they have the unique and amazing talent in their field. This season the acts are more talented and the show leveled up to another peak of their success. 

Photos Source: Pilipinas Got Talent Youtube Channel 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Moments with the Hilarious Ventriloquist and His Puppet

Ruther Urquia and his puppet Titoy.
Ruther Urquia is a ventriloquist from Las Pinas City and one of the grand finalists in the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent. He always perform with his puppets and two of these are famous to the viewers namely Titoy, who is the funny puppet who regularly performs with Ruther in some of his shows and Lolo Teddy, the grandfather of Titoy. I can say that they are entertaining and fun to be with. Ruther is the best friend of Alakim, a grand finalist and a butterfly magician. He is one of my favorite finalists in PGT because of the entertainment value in his performances.

What can I say about Ruther? Aside from watching him on TV, I met him in Facebook as one of my friends in my personal account and I can describe him as sincere, warm-hearted, humble, jolly, friendly, supportive and godly. I cannot believe that he add me as one of his friends after he read my review about the first semi-finals performance in the Pilipinas Got Talent fan page in Facebook. I commented about his entertaining, funny, impressive and a child-friendly performance during the show. That is why I gave him a perfect 10 along with Jovit Baldovino’s rocking performance.

Suddenly, aside from adding me as one of his friends, I received a personal message from him by giving appreciation about my review on his performance. Since then, I always support him on some of his activities like his grand finals performance and his judging stint on Showtime. I gave him an advice that don’t be too nervous and enjoy performing and he did it! =)

I was never expected the next encounter with him, when he read one of my essays in Facebook about Filipino food during summer which he gave comments on my work. He said that I deserve to have a portion in a broad sheet and I have a talent in writing. I really appreciate it the most, because a famous ventriloquist in a talent search gave a comment in my essay. (It’s really a humbling experience and I encourage pursuing my writing career next to teaching)

I am thankful to Kuya Ruther because he is one of the best persons I met in Facebook. There are things that I learned from him like being friendly to the supporters, being humble and thankful to all the blessings that God gave to us. Hopefully, we will still continue our online communication and I met him in person along with his puppets. (In addition, I will hope that I will give this essay to him!)


This blog entry is a repost from my first blog "Iskrats Porpolyo" and I would like to congratulate Mr. Ruther Urquia for his continuous success like having stints in ABS-CBN, mall shows, and being featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer June 18, 2011 issue. Thanks for greeting me in my birthday last July 13, 2011 in my Facebook account. 

A Friendly Encounter with Mr. Suplado

Stanley Chi (source: http://www.wikipedia.org)
Have you experienced to have an encounter with a "suplado" person?

"Suplado" is a Tagalog word for snobbish. And that person I'm referring to is the Filipino-Chinese writer, stand-up comedian and cartoonist Stanley Chi. He is the author of comic book series in Manila Bulletin "Chopsticks" and his latest book entitled "Suplado Tips."

I decided to add him in my Facebook for some unknown reasons. Maybe, because he's in Mike and Stanley which is a former segment in The Good Night Show with Jojo A (my favorite late night show). Then, when they made their own show entitled Front Act on SolarTV / RPN9, it was funnier than ever. When he approved my friend request, I started to send messages about his great job in delivering funny punchlines in his show and he responded.

I appreciate him more on his "Suplado Tips" which actually began as shoutout or status messages in Facebook. Because of likes and popularity, it was the best option for him to publish it as a book. I bought this book, he invited me to the book launch but I replied "Maybe" because I didn't attend due to location and money. However, when I read this book within two hours, it proves that Stanley is one of the best writers in field of humor and observational comedy. Definitely, I learned a lot from this book because it is related in real-life situations and he knows how to connect with the readers.

Therefore, Mr. Stanley Chi is not a "suplado" in Facebook. He is friendly and he is such an inspiration to aspiring writers like me. I learned two tips from him: Write the topic that I love to cover and try to do other genre after I get published. Thanks Mr. Stanley Chi for these advices which are helpful and relevant in achieving my dream as a writer. Definitely, I will look forward for his next book and I will attend his next book launch. Good luck Sir Stanley and kudos to your suplado appeal!

This blog entry is a repost from the blog "Iskrats Porpolyo" about my encounter with Stanley Chi. I would like to congratulate him for the success of his book Suplado Tips and definitely looking forward for the sequel of that book. I would like to say thanks for having one of the people in Facebook who greeted me in my birthday as well as I got the 10th place for the Suplado Blogging Contest.

The reactions given in this blog entry.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Suplado to the Glamorous Fame

Stanley Chi at The Medyo Late Nite Show with Jojo A. which  shows a glamorous impact of being a Suplado.

SUPLADO is the NEW SEXY. This is the tagline of the small pocketbook found in humor or entertainment section of bookstores nationwide. You can buy this book for P95 which looks like a typical pocketbook of jokes with brown cover. The title of the book is “Suplado Tips” by the Filipino-Chinese stand-up comedian, TV and radio host and the Maestro of All Suplados, Stanley Chi.

At first, I thought that Suplado Tips was a common humor book where only people who buy the book will laugh on it. But when I bought it a few months ago, the jokes written in the book are funny, candid and applicable in real life situations especially in dealing with annoying scenarios. I really love the book in terms of the candid and frank jokes. I made a review about the book on my Blogspot as well as the Facebook encounter with Mr. Suplado. The two things I mentioned show that the book made an impact in my life and it added in my list of favorite books of all time. 

In addition, Suplado Tips is truly a hit among readers and lovers of humor and entertainment books. Stanley Chi made a successful book launch in National Bookstore in Mandaluyong plus various radio and TV guestings such as The Medyo Late Nite Show with Jojo A. on TV5. Then this book will make a second publishing due to it was sold out in some bookstores. Also, Stanley Chi will become an endorser of Suplado Watch this August, although he got a lower number of votes in the Facebook poll but he made it as an endorser of UniSilver Time among the popular celebrities who endorse UniSilver like Iya Villania and Sam Milby. Finally, Stanley Chi will be doing another radio hosting job through Suplado Show on Dig Radio (formerly NU107).

Definitely, I am looking forward for the sequel of Suplado Tips and it is more exciting and funnier than ever! Kudos for the glamorous success and fame of being a Suplado!

This blog made it to the 10th place of Suplado Contest held by Stanley Chi. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Electronic Libel Bill

Recently, Senator Manny Villar filed the Senate Bill 2668 called the "Electronic Libel (E-Libel) Bill" where this law introduce the electronic libel. In addition, this bill forcing to penalize those who try to defame others in the Internet especially in blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

In his explanatory note, he stated that “The tremendous potential of the Internet has proved to be unimaginable for the Philippines. It has bridged information gaps and has opened infinite possibilities to people located even in the remotest areas in the country. Opportunities brought about by this electronic era, however, has cast a shadow of problems, one of which is the birth of the "electronic libel" or e-Iibel.” In the Article 335 of the Revised Penal Code provides that anyone found guilty in this case will be imprisoned for six years or having a fine ranging from 200 to 6000 pesos.

This filing of electronic libel bill is considered as one of the signs that people are aware in issues in the online world. It was such a great thing to implement that bill in order for the users to have discipline in using the Internet in a proper way. Hopefully, after the electronic libel bill, there are other bills regarding to the Information and Communications Technology will be implemented to solve the issues in that field. Therefore, it can be accomplished in a gradual process and there are experiments or studies to be considered before the implementation of the bill.

Source: Electronic libel bill filed in Senate abs-cbnNEWS.com
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