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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Friendly Encounter with Mr. Suplado

Stanley Chi (source: http://www.wikipedia.org)
Have you experienced to have an encounter with a "suplado" person?

"Suplado" is a Tagalog word for snobbish. And that person I'm referring to is the Filipino-Chinese writer, stand-up comedian and cartoonist Stanley Chi. He is the author of comic book series in Manila Bulletin "Chopsticks" and his latest book entitled "Suplado Tips."

I decided to add him in my Facebook for some unknown reasons. Maybe, because he's in Mike and Stanley which is a former segment in The Good Night Show with Jojo A (my favorite late night show). Then, when they made their own show entitled Front Act on SolarTV / RPN9, it was funnier than ever. When he approved my friend request, I started to send messages about his great job in delivering funny punchlines in his show and he responded.

I appreciate him more on his "Suplado Tips" which actually began as shoutout or status messages in Facebook. Because of likes and popularity, it was the best option for him to publish it as a book. I bought this book, he invited me to the book launch but I replied "Maybe" because I didn't attend due to location and money. However, when I read this book within two hours, it proves that Stanley is one of the best writers in field of humor and observational comedy. Definitely, I learned a lot from this book because it is related in real-life situations and he knows how to connect with the readers.

Therefore, Mr. Stanley Chi is not a "suplado" in Facebook. He is friendly and he is such an inspiration to aspiring writers like me. I learned two tips from him: Write the topic that I love to cover and try to do other genre after I get published. Thanks Mr. Stanley Chi for these advices which are helpful and relevant in achieving my dream as a writer. Definitely, I will look forward for his next book and I will attend his next book launch. Good luck Sir Stanley and kudos to your suplado appeal!

This blog entry is a repost from the blog "Iskrats Porpolyo" about my encounter with Stanley Chi. I would like to congratulate him for the success of his book Suplado Tips and definitely looking forward for the sequel of that book. I would like to say thanks for having one of the people in Facebook who greeted me in my birthday as well as I got the 10th place for the Suplado Blogging Contest.

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