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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Moments with the Hilarious Ventriloquist and His Puppet

Ruther Urquia and his puppet Titoy.
Ruther Urquia is a ventriloquist from Las Pinas City and one of the grand finalists in the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent. He always perform with his puppets and two of these are famous to the viewers namely Titoy, who is the funny puppet who regularly performs with Ruther in some of his shows and Lolo Teddy, the grandfather of Titoy. I can say that they are entertaining and fun to be with. Ruther is the best friend of Alakim, a grand finalist and a butterfly magician. He is one of my favorite finalists in PGT because of the entertainment value in his performances.

What can I say about Ruther? Aside from watching him on TV, I met him in Facebook as one of my friends in my personal account and I can describe him as sincere, warm-hearted, humble, jolly, friendly, supportive and godly. I cannot believe that he add me as one of his friends after he read my review about the first semi-finals performance in the Pilipinas Got Talent fan page in Facebook. I commented about his entertaining, funny, impressive and a child-friendly performance during the show. That is why I gave him a perfect 10 along with Jovit Baldovino’s rocking performance.

Suddenly, aside from adding me as one of his friends, I received a personal message from him by giving appreciation about my review on his performance. Since then, I always support him on some of his activities like his grand finals performance and his judging stint on Showtime. I gave him an advice that don’t be too nervous and enjoy performing and he did it! =)

I was never expected the next encounter with him, when he read one of my essays in Facebook about Filipino food during summer which he gave comments on my work. He said that I deserve to have a portion in a broad sheet and I have a talent in writing. I really appreciate it the most, because a famous ventriloquist in a talent search gave a comment in my essay. (It’s really a humbling experience and I encourage pursuing my writing career next to teaching)

I am thankful to Kuya Ruther because he is one of the best persons I met in Facebook. There are things that I learned from him like being friendly to the supporters, being humble and thankful to all the blessings that God gave to us. Hopefully, we will still continue our online communication and I met him in person along with his puppets. (In addition, I will hope that I will give this essay to him!)


This blog entry is a repost from my first blog "Iskrats Porpolyo" and I would like to congratulate Mr. Ruther Urquia for his continuous success like having stints in ABS-CBN, mall shows, and being featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer June 18, 2011 issue. Thanks for greeting me in my birthday last July 13, 2011 in my Facebook account. 

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