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Friday, August 19, 2011

Suplado to the Glamorous Fame

Stanley Chi at The Medyo Late Nite Show with Jojo A. which  shows a glamorous impact of being a Suplado.

SUPLADO is the NEW SEXY. This is the tagline of the small pocketbook found in humor or entertainment section of bookstores nationwide. You can buy this book for P95 which looks like a typical pocketbook of jokes with brown cover. The title of the book is “Suplado Tips” by the Filipino-Chinese stand-up comedian, TV and radio host and the Maestro of All Suplados, Stanley Chi.

At first, I thought that Suplado Tips was a common humor book where only people who buy the book will laugh on it. But when I bought it a few months ago, the jokes written in the book are funny, candid and applicable in real life situations especially in dealing with annoying scenarios. I really love the book in terms of the candid and frank jokes. I made a review about the book on my Blogspot as well as the Facebook encounter with Mr. Suplado. The two things I mentioned show that the book made an impact in my life and it added in my list of favorite books of all time. 

In addition, Suplado Tips is truly a hit among readers and lovers of humor and entertainment books. Stanley Chi made a successful book launch in National Bookstore in Mandaluyong plus various radio and TV guestings such as The Medyo Late Nite Show with Jojo A. on TV5. Then this book will make a second publishing due to it was sold out in some bookstores. Also, Stanley Chi will become an endorser of Suplado Watch this August, although he got a lower number of votes in the Facebook poll but he made it as an endorser of UniSilver Time among the popular celebrities who endorse UniSilver like Iya Villania and Sam Milby. Finally, Stanley Chi will be doing another radio hosting job through Suplado Show on Dig Radio (formerly NU107).

Definitely, I am looking forward for the sequel of Suplado Tips and it is more exciting and funnier than ever! Kudos for the glamorous success and fame of being a Suplado!

This blog made it to the 10th place of Suplado Contest held by Stanley Chi. 

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