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An aspiring blogger for two years. A lot of online surfers, viewers and readers visited my blog. Thanks!
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About Me

Hi! I am Jonathan B. Diesta, 22 years old from Silang, Cavite in the island of Luzon located in the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines. Other people called me Nathan while my family called me Athan. 

I am the youngest of four siblings and the only son of a welder and a housewife. I am a teacher by profession and sometimes a writer in my ambition. I am fond of watching reality shows, blogging, writing essays, listening to music, teaching, and online surfing.

About me, somewhat quirky, friendly, always love to smile, emotional, smart (but I'm just an average person because I am not good in Mathematics), sometimes a fool, peculiar and having an imaginative mind.

  • A certified couch potato in the field of reality shows and talent search. I love making reviews about the show and the participants itself. I like to give my own critique and its up to you if you like it or not.
  • An aspiring travel blogger. I realized that when I love writing, it is important to take notes. I was only taking down notes during lectures in school and giving comments to the contestants in a reality show that I watched. However, I need to expand my vocabulary plus taking down notes on everything and anything in my trip.
  • A part-time political blogger. I love politics especially if the issue is all about the welfare of the people in our country and all about elections. I love to weigh the pros and cons about the political issue. I wrote editorial articles only once in a blue moon.
  • A person who loves to share my extraordinary experiences.
  • An aspiring blogger / writer who posts my pen name / code name but not my picture.
  • Hopefully the readers of this blog will not be confused of who am I as writer. I love different topics and fields of interest that is why I love to write.
  • Always an aspiring blogger who will learn new things in writing, blogging and in my life.
This is my webpage where you can see my essays. It's up to you if you like it or not! Thanks!
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