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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Navigating Laguna Loop: Victoria

Victoria is a town in Laguna located in the northern part of the province, bordered by the towns of Pila in the northeast, Calauan in the southwest and Nagcarlan in the southeast. The town was formerly a barangay in Pila, it was considered as the Duck Capital of Laguna because of numerous duck farms, as well with the famous Duck Junction with colorful and huge duck statues which welcomed you in the town. 

After travelling for approximately 45 minutes from Calamba, I visit the town of Victoria. The first thing I did was I took pictures with different angles of the Duck Junction which is a popular landmark in the town. Victoria is known as the Duck Capital of Laguna because there are plenty of ducks in the town, as well with the fact where it is also one of the country's producers of balut (a boiled, fertilized egg which is a popular delicacy in Asia) and salted egg (locally known as itlog na maalat) where Pateros is considered as the Duck Capital of the Philippines because it is the top producer of balut and salted egg as well with the number of duck farms in the city. I visited a duck farm which is near in the Laguna de Bay and there are also other duck farms and wholesalers / retailers of ducks and salted eggs. Every April, the town of Victoria held its Itik Festival.

I wanted to find the farm used for the Detour Task in the fifth season of the U.S. reality show "The Amazing Race." However, the rice fields I passed in the road were dry that is why I didn't found it. In the end, I appreciate the green pastures of the town because of the simple yet scenic view of rice fields and mountains. In addition, the location for ducks which is near in the bay is also ideal for them because of the topographical and climatic features of the place.

The different angles of Duck Junction in Victoria, Laguna. This landmark is composed of colorful and huge ducks which considered as a tourist attraction in the town. In Victoria, there are lots of duck farms as well with their products like balut and salted egg. It also serve as a welcome sign to the tourists in order for them to discover Victoria.
A road in Victoria going to National Highway where you can see the golden rice fields as well with the view of mountains and you can experience the fresh air and cleanliness of the town.
The combination of golden and light green rice fields while passing the road in Victoria with a high mountain in a background. In Victoria, you can see the two mountains in Laguna: the mystic Mt. Banahaw and the legendary Mt. Makiling.
A duck farm in Victoria. The worker in the farm is busy taking care of the ducks and cleaning the cages.
The view of Laguna de Bay in the town of Victoria, Laguna.
Even I stayed there for not less than an hour, I appreciated the hospitality of the residents because they helped me to go in some places in the town that I wanted to visit. Victoria is such a place where people lived a simple life and clean surroundings along with the progress of duck industry in their town.

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