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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Couch Potato Review: American Idol 11 - Las Vegas Week (Part 2)

This is the second part of my review for the Las Vegas Week of American Idol 11. The contestants were group themselves into two to four members to sing traditional 1950's hits. 
Wendy Taylor, Mathenee Treco and Lauren Gray
Let us start with the   group of Lauren Gray, Wendy Taylor and Mathenee Treco performed "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by The Shirelles. Take note, they trained by the "vocal coach from hell" which results into a good performance especially Lauren nailed it and Wendy did a job well done performance. Unfortunately, Mathenee was eliminated after that performance. Rate: 7.6
Jessica Phillips, Courtney Williams, and Britnee Kellogg
We also have the girl trio of The Neapolitans composed of Britnee Kellogg, Courtney Williams and Jessica Phillips with their mashup of The Supremes hit "Where Did Our Love Go" and "You Keep Me Hanging On." Each of the showcased their vocal prowess where Britnee has a powerful voice, Courtney has a soulful voice and Jessica with her R&B tone. The song matches their group but Jessica and Britnee was eliminated. Britnee deserves to be in the top 24 where she is the total package singer where she had the looks and powerful voice. Rate: 8.5 
Clayton Farhat, Scott Dangerfield, Adam Lee Decker and Curtis Gray
Then the songs of Elvis Presley lives on with the following groups. We have the all-male group of rockers composed of Scott Dangerfield, Clayton Farhat, Adam Lee Decker, and Curtis Gray with their version of "Jailhouse Rock." They have the guts to sing that song because they are rockers plus the packaging and the entrance which they are in character plus the costume. Rate: 8.0 

We also have the group of Caleb Johnson, River St. James, Blaire Sieber and Joshua Sanders with their rendition of "Burning Love." I think the four of them did a very good job in performing as well with the packaging. I noticed that Caleb stand out in this performance because of his rockin and powerful vocals. Rate: 8.3 
Aaron Marcellus, Nick Boddington, Jennifer Hirsh and Creighton Fraker
Last but not the least is the performance of Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsh, Nick Boddington and Aaron Marcellus of Bryan Hyland's "Sealed With A Kiss." They have the perfect blending and one of the most harmonized groups in Las Vegas. However, Nick was eliminated at the end of this round. Rate: 9.0

Unaired Performances:
Marisa Pontecorvo, Naomi Gillies and Hollie Cavanagh
One of the unaired performances in Las Vegas Week was the mashup of "Mr. Sandman" and "Mr.Postman" by Hollie Cavanagh, Marisa Pontecorvo, and Naomi Rae Gillies. They have their individuality in this performance where Hollie sang with her clear diction and powerful vocals, Naomi with her wide vocal range and Marisa with her effort in singing an upbeat tempo song. They have the perfect mashup of song choice which is very good. Rate: 7.7

Watch American Idol Season 11 for the semi-finals round of your top 24 plus one contestant will make it to the semi-finals which turns into 25.

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Nico Gonzales said...

I like the way their "Evil," "Voice coach from hell," disciplined the contestants. She was just concern sa pag-boost ng talents at self-confidence nila as well.

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