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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Suplado to the Next Level: A Review on Suplado Tips Book 2 and Book Launch

Book Launch Review

After the success of the Suplado Tips, the sequel released its sequel  held its book launch last March 2012. The book launch was also successful where it was attended by avid book lovers and fans of Stanley Chi, media and bloggers. In addition, comedians Ramon Bautista and  Tado Jimenez, rappers Harlem T., Sheyhee, and Juan Lazy, band Bakeshop and mentalist Justin Pinon are also in the book launch as special guests. It was an entertaining show where Justin performed mind reading tricks, Bakeshop launched their career as a band with their singles and  some icebreakers and prizes to the fans of Suplado Tips. 

The highlight of the show is the suplado rap battle of fliptop artists Juan Lazy, Harlem T. and Sheyhee against Stanley, Ramon and Tado which made the book launch livelier and funny. 

In the end, I learned about the importance of books as an important reference although people are using E-Books and only few are reading conventional books. Lastly, learn to patronize our own products and masterpiece because according to Kit Perez, "Basta Gawang Pinoy, ASTIG!" 
Tado Jimenez, Stanley Chi and Ramon Bautista. Source: Facebook photos

Bookworm Review: Suplado Tips 2

The sequel of Suplado Tips is raised to another level of entertainment, humor and content. In the first book, the cover is simple with a wooden brown color and it is made up of gray paper for its pages. The second book has a smoother pages and cover with blue color. The content is not just more on Suplado tips and hirit but they have an additional supplements such as trivia, sarcastic subtitles, picture comics, stories or anecdotes, and illustrations from comic artists. The foreword was written by Ramon Bautista and there is a Suplado slam note in the first part of the book. The Suplado Tips are divided based on categories including daily life, watching basketball game, holidays, workplace and surfing the Internet. 

Here are the top 5 notable suplado tips in book 2 plus its supplements:

1. On class reunions and talking about their former classmates and friends who didn't attend the reunion which is a topic among people who are present in the event: Isnabin ang invitations ng class reunion para mas lalong maintriga ang mga classmates mo at pag-usapan ka pa lalo (Kung sino ang wala, siya ang madalas na pinag-uusapan)

2. On dealing with easy-go-lucky people who inviting their friend who is not planning to go on gimmicks: Kung panay ang yaya sayo ng kaibigan mo sa mga gimik at wala ka namang balak pumunta, sagutin mo ng "Busy akong tao dahil may ginagawa ako para sa kinabukasan ko!" (Nakakasira ng barkada ang pag-aaral)

3. On having a hard time on using the new stuff in Facebook: Kung madaming nagrereklamo sa bagong Facebook, hiritan mo ng "Bumalik ka na lang kaya sa Friendster!" (Palitan mo na rin ang cellphone mo, gawin mong pager para nostalgic!)

4. On dealing with officemates who are fond of criticizing others and making gossips: Kung may naninira sayo sa office, okay lang yan... Ibig sabihin, parati ka niyang iniisip! 

5. Carolling: Kung may nag-ca-carolling sa bahay niyo, patayin niyo lahat ng ilaw at sumigaw kayo ng "Walang tao dito!"

Blogger's Note: The sequel of Suplado Tips proves that Stanley Chi is one of the best humor writers in Pinoy literature nowadays. He is also shown his candor in observational comedy as well with delivering sarcastic jokes to those peculiar situations which is annoying to others. Therefore, he also advocates the use of conventional books than E-books because how did you use your computers or I-pods if there is a brownout or if there is no source of electricity. It is better to use books because it helps you to expand your vocabulary, enhance your reading skills and it is a practical and relevant source which you can keep it for many years. More power Sir Stanley!

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