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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Yearender Bits

There are many opportunities happened to me this 2012. Beside of all the struggles and challenges I encountered, 2012 was an enlightening year for me because of the realizations that after the struggles, there will be a new hope and blessings to come. In addition, a lot of memorable experiences that I encountered this year which made my 2012 a wonderful year. Here are the memorable moments that I had this year:

I joined in Saranggola Blog Awards where I had two entries. The first one is "Ako si Jonathan, Laking Cavite" under the Sanaysay/Freestyle or Essay category which tells about facts in Cavite which I am truly proud of it. The second entry is "Engrandeng Gala sa Timog Katagalugan" under the Maikling Kuwento or Short Story category which tells about the story of a young boy who made his grand tour of the Laguna Loop within one day plus the first time experiences he encountered there. I didn't win the contest but I will improve and join again this 2013.

I established my two new travel blogs in Blogspot. The first one is my Tagalog travel blog which is "Talaarawan ni Mister Commuter" which is originally in Wordpress but I decided to transfer it to Blogspot (hopefully in 2013 all the posts there are transferred). The second one is "Travel and Paper Perspectives" which is my travel blog for foreign readers where I used English as medium of communication. These travel blogs have the purpose of promoting tourism in the Philippines through the online world.

The first quarter of the year was filled with travel where I passed most of the towns in the Laguna Loop. Last April 2012, I had my Visita Iglesia in the Laguna Loop where I visited the Baroque Spanish-era churches of Pila, Santa Cruz, Magdalena, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Majayjay, Luisiana, Cavinti, Pagsanjan, Paete, Kalayaan and Pakil.

In addition, I also had a chance to visit historical places in Manila, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. In February 2012, I visited Fort Santiago in Intramuros in order to took a glance of history in the Walled City to Luneta Park. I also had a tour in Taal, Batangas last April where I saw the largest Catholic Church in the Far East and visited the Spanish heritage houses in the town proper plus the religious pilgrimage to Our Lady of Caysasay Church. In May I took a roundtrip from Trece Martires City passing the towns of Maragondon where I visited the Bonifacio Trial House and in Kawit where I took a tour at the Aguinaldo Shrine. Then in June, I took a visit at Rizal Shrine and the tallest Rizal statue. (I will blog it for next year in my official travel blog)

I also had a chance to extend my gratitude of appreciation to my new friends in Twitter for retweeting my status and insights regarding reality shows plus the views from different parts of the world regarding my blog posts. This 2013 I'm looking forward for more posts and travels.

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