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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4: Sixth Quarter Finals

The fans of Pilipinas Got Talent as well with the judges are excited to complete the top 12 semi-final slots. To add the thrill and excitement, the show will held its very first outdoor live shows were acts are needed to perform in a bigger venue because of the props and the number of members in a group. The six remaining acts to compete in an outdoor live show are Bughaw Folkloric Dance Troupe (cultural dance troupe composed of twenty-seven members), VMA Cultural Arts (dance crew composed of fourteen members), Balungao Robotic Dancers (dance crew with robotic costumes composed of ten to twenty members), Lateral Drift Productions Team (car drifting act where they are going to present car exhibition), GenSan Stunt Team (stunt motorcyclist duo to perform motorcycle stunts) and Rosenrei Synchro Sirens (synchronized swimmers to perform in huge aquarium).
Sixth quarter finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent: Bughaw Folkloric Dance Troupe, Rosenrei Synchro Sirens, Lateral Drift Productions Team, GenSan Stunt Team, Balungao Robotic Dancers and VMA Cultural Arts.
The first act of the night was the synchronized swimmers from Manila, the Rosenrei Synchro Sirens. They are exceptional in synchronized swimming individually especially they impressed the judges during auditions. They have that appropriate song choice in the auditions but in the quarter finals, I think they are good but they need to maintain their song choice.

The VMA Cultural Arts of Bacolod City leveled up their contemporary dance routine. They have the synchronized movements, the gracefulness and the masculinity which results into a very exemplary performance.

The Balungao Robotic Dancers of Pangasinan have the packaging and creativity in presenting their costumes, concepts and choreography. They are visually entertaining and they have the energy.

The Bughaw Folkloric Dance Group of Mendez, Cavite did an amazing cultural presentation for two minutes. They have the colorful costumes and props, live accompaniment of a rondalla, breathtaking choreography and they showed variety of Philippine folk dances from auditions to quarter finals. Overall, they did the best cultural performance in Pilipinas Got Talent.

The stunt motorcyclists GenSan Stunt Team improved a lot from auditions to the quarter finals. They have the synchronized and more death-defying motorcycle stunts which is very good to their performance.

The car drifters Lateral Drift Productions showed more intense car drifting exhibitions which are superb especially when they drift between the two persons passing by as well with the car.

In the end, Bughaw Folkloric Dance Group got the eleventh slot where they have the highest number of votes and Lateral Drift Productions won the unanimous judges vote which make them the last semi-finalist for season 4.

*** The review after the sixth quarter finals results night ***

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