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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1: Semi-Finals Review

The dance group Hello World in Cagayan de Oro auditions.
The classical singer Fame Flores impressed the judges in her audition with Lara Fabian's "Caruso."
Joel Amper or Big Mouth /BM amazed the crowd with his animal sounds.

It was one year ago when the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent held its semi-finals round. For six weeks, six different acts who passed the Judges Cull will perform every week to make it to the top twelve grand finalists. This season has a lot of talented Pinoys showing their unique skills and talents. However there are some talents who stand out during the semi-finals and they deserve a spot in the grand finals but didn't make it.

Let us start with the two ballroom dancers from Cebu, Jhistine & Filemon (Baguio Siblings) and Mae & Anselmo, they did their choreography with precision and right song choice for their performance. However, they didn't make it to the top 3. Then, we also have the double-character singer Reggie Ramirez where he impressed the judges with his rendition of Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's classic "Endless Love." But in the semi-finals, he didn't make it to the top 3 highest votes due to wrong song choice but the character of male and female voices is still there. We also have Florante Inutan, the Human Saxophone of Davao. He did a good job in making sounds like a saxophone and a credit for singing "La Bamba" but it was not enough to get the votes.

In addition, groups gave their best shot during the semi-finals round. Snap Boiz show their talent in their dark costumes and good stunts, as well as Xavier University Cultural Dance Troupe proved that cultural dance is on the mainstream. Then, Hello World of Davao became one of the early favorites in the competition because of their clown costumes and make up plus the smooth and synchronized dance routine in the tune of Taylor Swift's "Love Story". However, in their semi-finals performance, they didn't make it to the top 3 highest votes although they performed with the same routine which other people think that it is predictable. We also have  Goldies and Goodies with their strong confidence and enjoyment in their age and their entertaining dance routine where they can lead to morning exercises. Then, the Imusicapella Chamber Choir shows creativity and precision in singing with choreography which leads them as one of the top 3 highest votes in their batch. Similar with Imusicapella, Powerpuff Corn shows their musicality with their songs with a combination of reggae and acoustic. 

The soloists also performed their hearts out in this stage. Beatboxer Harold Jomar Gesulga show his ability with the use of harmonica during performance. Josephine Aton suits her song choice in her vocal prowess, Garrett Devan Bolden did an encore of his audition performance in the semi-finals and Manoling Saldivar delivered a one of a kind semi-finals performance with his opera singing. Rolando Permangil sing his heart out with OPM ballads and he did a great job in his performance. Also, BM or Big Mouth shocked and amazed the crowd in his auditions because of the animal sounds he created while he is singing (especially the horse) and he did it once again.

The younger finalists shown their amazing performance in this round. Jzan Vern Tero amazed the crowd and received a standing ovation from the judges in Cebu auditions with his energetic rendition of "Hush Hush" but in the semi-finals he fell short during his performance of "The Climb" because he didn't sing it properly due to health conditions. Carl Malone Montecido touch the hearts of the viewers with his song "May Bukas Pa" which reflects hope in his inspiring story although he is blind, he has the talent to share with other people. Reiniel Tulabing remains consistent with his performance from singing Michael Jackson's "Ben" in his auditions to groovy performance of "The Way You Make Me Feel" makes him a versatile performer. The youngest contender in this batch is the seven-year old Rolando Ng III with his rocking auditions singing Queen's "I Want To Break Free" and Elvis Presley's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" proves that he is not just a boy with a good voice but with a strong showmanship in stage.

There are also semi-finalists who made a strong impact to the viewers because their act is deserving to the grand finale. First, we have the poppin and locking moves of Alexis Carpena where his robotic and smooth dance moves is unique and extraordinary. In addition, he is also a likable guy because he is humble. We also have Kapidamu Band where all of the members are talented in music and they have a future in becoming the next popular band in our country. The energetic, precise and passionate dance routine of Experience Kidz which proves that dancers or dance groups from General Santos City like XB Gensan (winner of Showtime Season 1) are really fantastic. Last but not the least is the teen opera singer Geraldine "Fame" Flores who can sing classical songs with a very good vocal range, she can also sing religious songs even in foreign languages, she's got the beautiful face which matches her talent and the meaning of the song which expressed in her emotions are really great. Definitely, Fame is the best female vocalist in this season because she is consistent from her rendition of Lara Fabian's "Caruso" in her auditions to her semi-finals performance of "Via Dolorosa".

Therefore, this batch of the first season is great and keep it up!

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cagayan de oro jobs said...

I must agree with your blog.What you have written is right. There are a lot of talented Pinoys who auditioned in PGT Season 1. Truly incredible. About Fame Flores, I think she has really the "voice" plus good personality however with the choice of the song and with the generation today, that's what made her not to go till the end. Although, she must continue with her style because it's her passion and it is already rare today.

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