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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Auditions Review Part 2

Fernan Santuyo (a.k.a. Madonna Pianista) is one of the best hopefuls in Naga auditions where he played the keyboard with his distinct moves and fast hands in playing the keyboard.
The Baguio Boom Boom Boys (B4) made their unique and suave dance routine impressed the crowd in Dagupan auditions.

After the Top 36 revealed, there are many hopefuls who made it which is not included in the first review. The batch of semi-finalists this season were the best and others were forgettable but they have the talent which is amazing. Here is the second part of review for the semi-finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2:

1. Madonna Pianista (Pianist, Albay). He is one of the most memorable acts to remember because of his fast hands in playing the keyboard and the distinct moves he had while performing. 
2. DJP Trio (Singing Trio, Bacolod City). They are the cute young girls from Bacolod with a harmonized blending of voices and they have the singing talent.
3. B4 and Filogram (Dance Troupe, Baguio City).  B4 reminds me of Hello World with their "suave" moves while Filogram's trademark is the old school song choice in their dance routine. They are both very good dance troupe and they know each other as well. Filogram and B4 are two of the best dance troupes in Pilipinas Got Talent.
4. Joy's Divas (Singing Trio, Batangas). They have only few time for airing their auditions (unlike the other semi-finalists who aired their full auditions) but they have the powerful voices and raw talent in singing. 
5. Next Generation Band (Band Troupe, Davao del Norte). They are the kiddie band from Davao del Norte where the members are talented boys and girls plus their strong showmanship and musical talent.
6. Skeights (Band Troupe, Davao City). The music they played is on the mainstream and the vocalists and band players are all very good. The blending of voices of the lead vocalists and even the back-up singers are very good and the combination of musical instruments jived to the good vocals of the singers.
7. Suwahib Samplidan (Singer, Davao City). His audition is somewhat strange because when he is singing Beyonce's "Listen", he is eating spicy and roasted peanuts. But his performance was one of the best so far because of wide vocal range.
8. Happy Feet (Tap Dancing Duo, Bukidnon) and Bourbon Duo (Pole Dancing Duo, Makati). They are the brothers who did tap dancing with the use of their black shoes. They have the precision and the right footwork in tap dancing. Ai-ai Delas Alas, one of the judges gave tap dancing shoes to this duo to use it for the semi-finals live performance. On the other hand, the Bourbon Duo did a good job in pole dancing in their auditions but unfortunately in the judges cull only one of them made it due to injury. However, they did a very good auditions.
9. Rafael Pavia (Singer, Davao City). He is the 5-year old singer who impressed the judges with his strong confidence in stage and rocking song choice. However, he has a sob story at his very tender age when his father died and their status in life.

All of these contenders made it to the semi-finals stage of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. Good luck!

For the first part of this blog entry, see also Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Auditions Review.

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