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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Auditions Review

Marcelito Pomoy, the man with a dual voice who wowed the crowd in Manila auditions.
The Pardo Elementary School Dancing Rondalla and Violin Ensemble who entertained the crowd in Cebu auditions.
The family of musicians called The Asidors catch the hearts of the judges (especially Kris Aquino) and the audience in Davao with their medley of love songs.
For almost eight weeks of airing the auditions from different parts of the country, only 174 acts made it to the Judges' Cull. Based on what I have watched during the auditions, there are lots of great acts to watch for because they are unique and impressive. Here's the contenders who made an impact during the auditions which featured in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. (Arranged in no particular order)

1. Marcelito Pomoy (Singer, Cavite). This 25-year old guy which later become a Youtube sensation because he possesses a dual voice. He can sing with a male voice as well as the female voice. He sings with clarity and he can hit the high notes.
2. Buildex Pagales (Singer, Davao del Sur). This 15-year old teenage guy can be the next singing sensation because of his cool voice and musical talent. According to other people, his style is similar to Bruno Mars and he is the next acoustic singing sensation in the local music scene.
3. Gino Janducayan (Magician, Davao City). If there's Alakim in season 1, Gino will be the best magician in the second season because of his fast and amazing magical tricks involving doves.
4. Rico The Magician (Magician, Caloocan). He is the 57-year old man whose magical act is funny because he used animals like goose and dog in his act plus the quirky dance moves while performing his magic.
5. Pardo Elementary School Dancing Rondalla (Rondalla / Stringed Instruments Ensemble,Talisay City, Cebu). The group of kids from Cebu was definitely unique and entertaining because their performance was truly Filipino and their musical talent at young age was 
6. Agnes Ignacio (Pianist, Romblon). She is the piano teacher who has a sob story and an inspiring musical talent in playing the piano. Her audition makes unforgettable because of her touching story and a talent that touched the hearts of many people who watched her auditions.
7. Angel Canlalas (Hula Hoop Tricker, Cainta, Rizal). She is a familiar face in other talent search on Philippine TV because of her entertaining tricks with hula hoop. Hopefully she will make it to the semi-finals because of her experience in performing stunts and hula hoop tricks in Thailand along with Velasco Brothers and Zion Show.
8. Maribeth Callanta (Singer, Dagupan). She has a very soulful voice and a right song choice where she performed Charice's "Pyramid". I want to hear more from Maribeth because she has a great future in music industry. 
9. Mark Kenneth Dolom (Sand Artist, Puerto Princesa, Palawan). He has a very good skill in sand art where he performed it with a tune of "Heal The World."
10. Madrigal Siblings (Singing Trio, Cainta, Rizal). They have the nice blending and powerful voice. They show that they are professional and experienced performers. 
11. The Asidors (Band Troupe, Davao City). They have the right song choice, the outstanding musical talent and a great voice from a family. They are also experienced performers like the Madrigal Siblings and the song choice and the medley during their auditions was beautiful.
12. Karinyoso Boys (Dance Troupe and Comedians, Dumaguete City). They have the unique concept, the funny expressions and a good choreography.
13. Kapidamu Band (Band Troupe, Atimonan, Quezon). They deserve to come back and win because they improved a lot and they sing with emotions. 
14. Dance Selection (Cheerdancers and Acrobats,Taguig). The cheerleading and acrobatic group with entertaining but risky and breathtaking dance routine.
15. Lunaria Brothers Marionette Show (Puppeteers, Antipolo City, Rizal). They have a distinct and synchronized control of their cute puppets. 
16. Bukidnon State University Brass Band (Brass Band, Bukidnon). They have the largest number of members among the group participants in PGT plus the spectacular music while performing.
17. First Beat Effect (Beatboxing Troupe, Bacolod). It is the first time I heard a group of beatboxers which is interesting. 
18. Kervy Salazar (Beatboxer, Davao City). His act is similar to Harold Jomar Gesulga of season 1 where he has a very good skill in beatboxing and he can produce eight sounds or more.
19. Jett Barun (Singer, Pateros). She has a strong vocals with a powerful confidence and showmanship in stage. 
20. Roland and Rovince Monteroza (Singing Twins, Las Pinas). They are the singing twins plus they have the star factor.
21. John Neil Roa (Dancer and Beatboxer, Cebu City). He is a multi-talented kid: he can do dancing, singing and beatbox.
22. V.I.P. Singers (Chorale Group, Camarines Sur) and Jeremie Tampoy (Singer and Pianist, Davao del Sur).  They are inspiration to people because beside of the disabilities, they can perform and show their talent to the world. Jeremie has a very good talent in singing and playing the keyboard, while the VIP Singers are very good in terms of blending of voices which is similar to angels singing in paradise.

Hopefully, these contenders will make it to the semi-finals! Win or lose, just keep on reaching on their dreams. (This is not a spoiler, this is just a review of audition hopefuls. The results of Judges Cull will be revealed on April 24, 2011 in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2, 9:00 p.m. on ABS-CBN)

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