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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Grand Finals Review

Last June 25 to 26, 2011, the grand finals of the talent show Pilipinas Got Talent held in Araneta Coliseum. Fourteen acts from thousands who auditioned from different parts of the country made it to the final showdown of talent to win 2 million pesos. 

Freestylers, the hiphop dance troupe from Calamba City, Laguna
Freestylers from Calamba, Laguna did an amazing job to start the grand finals competition. They are consistent with their breathtaking and death-defying stunts from their auditions to the grand finals. They have the precise cartwheels and amazing flip-spins in their performance. In other words, they have the world-class hip hop dancing talent plus their intense stunts like the 12-foot dismount and somersoult. They can follow the footsteps of Philippine All-Stars in competing the international stage.

DJP Trio, singing trio from Bacolod City.
The singing trio of Danielle, Jeanny and Pauline or  the DJP Trio of Bacolod City were the youngest contenders who made it to the grand finals of Pilipinas Got Talent since the first season. From their auditions to grand finals, the things that made them stand out are the packaging, looks, and the harmonious blending of their voices. If they grow up, they need to improve their dynamics, modulation and song choice.

Happy Feet, the tap dancing duo from Bukidnon
The tap dancing brothers of Bukidnon, Happy Feet did an entertaining performance with their tap dancing routine. They have the perfect rhythm and footwork for this type of dance and it seems that they were enjoying their performance and they got the unity. They are one of the contenders who have the most inspiring stories in Pilipinas Got Talent because they are humble and they prove that they have the exceptional talent although they came from the rural area. They learned tap dancing through the movie "Happy Feet" and they used leather shoes instead of tap dancing shoes in their auditions where Miss Ai-ai delas Alas gave them tap dancing shoes for each of them. 

John Michael Narag, the young balladeer from Pangasinan.
John Michael Narag of Pangasinan is known for his heartfelt renditions of OPM ballads such as "Hanggang" by Wency Cornejo and "Kahit Isang Saglit" by Martin Nievera. He has a good voice quality and definitely, ballads will be a perfect song choice for him because of his vocal range. He is much better in the grand finals unlike in his semi-finals performance where he sang a rock song. His story also touched the hearts of many people because of his dedication to his family.

B4, the dance troupe from Baguio City.
The Baguio Boom Boom Boys or B4 is always consistent for their cool poppin and locking moves from their auditions to the grand finals. They have the cool packaging, song choice and choreography in their performance. Their costumes are always jiving with their cool song choice and popping dance moves.

Romarico Sanorjo a.k.a. Rico the Magician from Caloocan
The 60-year old funny magician from Caloocan, Romarico Sanorjo or simply Rico the Magician is definitely had an amazing impact because of his funny dance moves and exceptional magical tricks with the use of animals from birds, ducks, dogs, to large snakes and even a child and his wife was part of his magic. At first, he didn't make it to the grand finals because he lost the judges vote to the Madrigal Siblings. But he was given a second chance to prove himself in the wildcard week in order for him to make it to the finals. No doubt that Rico is one of the best acts of second season because of the audience impact and unique magical act. He did an amazing and impressive job.

Madrigal Siblings, the singing trio from Cainta, Rizal.
The singing trio from Cainta, Rizal namely Kristina, Katrina and Kristopherson or the Madrigal Siblings did a very good job in singing and considered one of the best singing groups in the competition. They have the powerful dynamics to the harmonious blending of their voices representing different ranges from soprano, alto and mezzo-soprano. They impressed the judges and the viewers in their audition with their rendition of Jennifer Holliday's "And I'm Telling You" and they sing with a purpose in their semi-finals with "Ako ay Pilipino" by Kuh Ledesma. In their grand finals performance, they performed with medley of nationalistic songs "Ang Bayan Ko", "Dakilang Lahi" and "Magkaisa" which proves that Filipinos have the talent. Before they joined in PGT, they already competed in international competitions including World Championship of Performing Arts or WCOPA.

Marcelito Pomoy, the falsetto singer from Cavite.
Marcelito Pomoy, the falsetto singer who impressed the crowd and the judges in his audition performance of "Narito Ako" by Regine Velasquez plus the approximately one million views of his audition episode in Youtube. He performed a classic from Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli entitled "The Prayer" in his grand finals performance. Although he struggled in his semi-finals performance of Regine Velasquez's "On The Wings of Love" due to vocal problems, he is still exceptional because of his clear diction and he got the male and female ranges of voice. 

Filogram, the dance troupe and choreographers from Baguio City
Filogram from Baguio City is also consistent in terms of their dance routine like their fellow dancers, B4. If B4 is known for their cool popping and locking moves, Filogram is popular for their old school and retro moves and song choice. They have the precise choreography and cool packaging. In addition, members of Filogram are choreographers of fellow grand finalist, B4.

Buildex Pagales, the teen acoustic singer from Digos, Davao del Sur
Buildex Pagales from Davao del Sur is one of the most favorite contenders because of his acoustic style and his voice which is similar to Bruno Mars. He sang "Billionaire" and "Just The Way You Are" in his auditions, "Marry You" in semi-finals and "The Lazy Song" fro his grand finals. He has a cool voice and guitar playing skills and his musicality is exceptional and definitely he is one of the most consistent performers in the contest. In addition, he deserves to have a break in the local music industry because of his style is on the mainstream. Aside from singing Bruno Mars' songs, he can also try singing Jason Mraz or Maroon 5 songs and he should try experimenting different cover songs in acoustic. Overall, he is one of the best male singers in the competition.

Leoniel Enopia and Elizabeth Dazo, the ballroom dancing duo from Bacolod City.
The ballroom dancing duo of Leoniel Enopia and Elizabeth Dazo or Nielbeth did a truly world-class dance sport act in the show which makes them the first ballroom dancing duo who make it to the grand finals since the first season. In their auditions, they shown a precise choreography and footwork of paso doble which lead them to the semi-finals. In their semi-finals round, they performed with many surprises such as impromptu costume change, energetic moves, character portrayal, showmanship, and definite footwork in their dance routine which is jive in the tune of "Proud Mary." In their grand finals performance which they performed salsa and cha-cha in the tune of "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez, they maintained those things that impressed the crowd which proves that they can compete in international dance sport competitions.

Jem Cubil, the acoustic heartthrob from Cebu.
Jem Cubil is one of the most likable performers in the competition because of his good looks and musical talent. He always received the strong audience impact from the girls since his auditions. Although he didn't get the unanimous decision of judges in the auditions (Mr. Freddie M. Garcia said No for his audition performance), his best performance is on the semi-finals round with his rendition of "The Time of my Life" by David Cook. Jem's style is on the mainstream which is acoustic rock which matches his good packaging and looks.

Skeights, the alternative band from Davao City
The band from Davao City, Skeights became popular for their rendition of One Republic's "Secrets" and The Script's "Break Even" in their auditions. They have the perfect blending of instruments and the singing talent of lead vocalist. At first, they lost in the semi-finals over Angel Calalas in the judges vote, they made it as a wildcard contender with their rendition of "Next in Line" by After Image. They can be the next band in the country because of their type of music they played. 

Angel Calalas, the hula hoop tricker from Cainta, Rizal
Angel Calalas  is a familiar face in various talent search in Philippine television and she is the sister of first season's grand finalist and dance troupe, Velasco Brothers. She already proved that she's got the talent in twirling the hula hoops from regular size and large hula hoops, multiple hula hoops, and even flaming hula hoops. In addition, she also adds spice to her performance by adding stunts, balancing, and harnessing with hula hoops.  

This second season of Pilipinas Got Talent is successful which leads to Marcelito Pomoy as the winner of the show and all of the contenders did their best for their performance.

Source: Google Photos and Pilipinas Got Talent

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