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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Showtime Season 4: First Monthly Finals

The Kalumon Performing Ensemble of Davao City show a lively and colorful folk dance.
Today I watched the first monthly finals for the fourth season of Showtime. It was exciting to watch because the set of performers were fantastic (especially the batch of weekly winners who had a quadruple tie) and one of the most diverse batch of performers in Showtime history. 

The first act of the day was the folk dancing troupe from Davao City, Kalumon Performing Ensemble. Definitely, their performance was a perfect way to start the competition because of the colorful costumes and props, live musical accompaniment, and precise footwork and choreography in dancing tinikling and sayaw sa bangko. It was an amazingly entertaining performance and timely in terms of celebrating Independence Day. Score: 10

Dugong Pinas Kru are already familiar faces from the past seasons of Showtime. This season, they made it to the monthly finals with their army concept and their marching dance routine. They have the rhythm in marching and clapping and they have the energy. However, it sounds noisy due to frequent shouting. Score: 9

JE Color Guards of Paranaque did an amazing job in flag twirling. The most spectacular moment in their number was the blacklight scene where flags are twirling and it was truly visually entertaining. Score: 10

At first, the acrobatics stunts of Neutron Acrobats was predictable. However, it was surprising when they execute death-defying stunts which shown their perfect balancing and acrobatic stunts. Therefore, they leveled-up for monthly finals. Score: 10

The dance group from Laguna, Disco Motion remains consistent in their concept, choreography, and costume. However, it was predictable and no surprise at all. Score: 9

The tribal dancing group who used colorful mats (trademark of Basey, Samar) in their performance, Maximum Intensity X also considered as one of the most consistent contenders in their batch because of visual entertainment, colorful costumes and lively choreography. I think they need to have new steps or surprises in their dance routine. Score: 9

Southernside Montessori School Dance Theatre did a new dance routine in stage which shows that they have a lot of dance routines to show from daily to grand finals. However, it was not exciting and they need to practice more because they have the potential. Score: 9

In the eviction day of judges, madlang hurado Lawrence Lagdameo was evicted although he had low number of text votes and very good skill in giving critiques to the performers, he was evicted because of high audience votes. Binibining.Pilipinas - Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup did a voluntary exit for the preparation of her battle in Miss Universe 2011. Lawrence and Shamcey, you did a very good job in judging and enjoying your time in Showtime as a Hurado. In the end, Kalumon Performing Ensemble and Neutron Acrobats made it to the grand finals.

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