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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Sixth Semi-Finals

The sixth batch of semi-finalists: Larvae, Leoniel & Elizabeth, Suwahib Samplidan, Joy's Diva, Kapidamu Band, Marcelito Pomoy
The sixth semi-finals round of Pilipinas Got Talent was held last June 4 to 5, 2011 at PAGCOR Theater, where the last batch of semi-finalists compete for the last two slots in the grand finals. The contenders are composed of an all-girl singing trio, an acrobatics troupe, a returning tween alternative band  from last season, a ballroom dancing duo, a performer who sing while eating roasted spicy peanuts and a male singer who voiced like a girl.

The first act of the night was the all-girl singing trio from Batangas, Joy's Diva. They impressed the judges in their audition with "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child. In their semi-finals performance, they sang "Survivor" by Destiny's Child where they have the harmony in singing upbeat songs. They have a good vocal quality and power but the choreography is just average.

The only ballroom dancing duo who made it to the semi-finals this season is Leoniel Enopia and Elizabeth Dazo from Bacolod did a world-class dance sport act in the tune of "Proud Mary." They were able to entertain the crowd because of the precise and energetic footwork, very good entrance of Leoniel who came from the audience and Elizabeth who did a classy acting plus the very exceptional choreography and movements in their dance routine which is jive. It was the most surprising and entertaining act of the night plus their team is one of the most consistent performers for season 2.

Kapidamu Band the returning band from season 1 performed Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Definitely, they have the passion in achieving their dream as a band and they improved a lot from the last season. They have the musicality, blending of insturments and the vocal prowess of the lead singer brings the band towards success.

Suwahib Samplidan sang Fantasia's "I Believe" while eating spicy, roasted peanuts plus other varieties of nuts. Unlike in his auditions when he sang "Listen" with a full of nuts inside his mouth, this time he did one nut at a time. Therefore, the singing prowess and the range of voice is still the same.

The acrobatics troupe and contortionists from Davao del Sur, Larvae did an amazing job in showing their acrobatics skills in a small circle plus their flexibility and gracefulness made their performance impressive. However, although one of their members fell out of the circle due to lack of balancing, they still continue to perform.

The last performance of the night was Youtube sensation and early favorite Marcelito Pomoy shown his pure vocals with a female voice in his performance of "On The Wings of Love" by Regine Velasquez. He had a spectacular impact from the audience. However, he had problems in reaching higher notes but it was a fantastic performance.

In the end, the amazing dance sport act of Leoniel and Elizabeth got the highest number of votes in their batch. Then, Joy's Diva improved their showmanship in their second performance to win the judges' vote and Marcelito shown a pitch-perfect rendition of his piece which leads to unanimous decision of the judges to get the 12th slot for the grand finals.

Next week will be the first wildcard round for the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent where two of the highest text votes will make it to the grand finals. Who among Rico The Magician, Skeights, Collins Gutierrez, Next Generation Band, Kenny Padalla and Joy's Diva will become the wildcard contenders for the grand finals?

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