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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2: Wildcard Round

Last June 11 and 12, 2011, Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 held its wildcard round at AFP Theater where six semi-finalists who lost the judges vote where able to compete for the remaining slots for the grand finals. This wildcard week is one of the best episodes in Pilipinas Got Talent because of the performers who made it to the top 3 and lost the judges vote  improved a lot in order to make it to the finals.

Joy's Diva from Batangas
The first act of the night is the Joy's Diva, the singing trio from Batangas where they performed Tina Turner's "Proud Mary".They improved their showmanship and movements in their performance and they were able to sustain their harmonized blending and power of their voices. They have a very good start but in the upbeat part, the choreography and harmony is somewhat good. Overall, it was a very good performance.
Kenny Padalla from Baguio
Kenny Padalla from Baguio City sang "The Last Time" by Eric Bennett which is a very good song choice for him. He had a very good musical accompaniment and a cool voice which matches his good looks. Aside from being a pop singer, he can also be a crooner or a balladeer and his performance is much better than his semi-finals performance.
Next Generation Band from Davao del Norte
The Next Generation Band performed Whithey Houston's "Queen of the Night." They improved their packaging and stage presence and they remained consistent in terms of confidence, musical arrangement and vocal power of the lead singers. However, during the wildcard performance night the female vocalist had vocal problems in reaching the high notes.
Collins Gutierrez from Laguna
The music teacher from Laguna, Collins Gutierrez did a classical performance of Josh Groban's "You're Still You."  He had a very good entrance, musical arrangement, vocal prowess and song choice as well as his clear diction in singing. 

Skeights from Davao
Skeights were back in the competition for their performance of "Next in Line" by After Image. Unlike in their first performance in semi-finals, although the lead singer encountered vocal problems, they are much better this wildcard week. They truly deserved to be the next band sensation of the country because of the amazing blending of voices and the musical instruments.
Rico the Magician from Caloocan
Rico the Magician closes the show tonight with his funny dance moves and surprising magical tricks which is a novelty and a world class variety act. His performance is truly fantastic and the crowd went wild because of his funny and exceptional magical tricks in using animals like dog, duck, doves and rabbit which turned into a child and big snake. Definitely his performance is one of the best in PGT History. In the end, Rico the Magician and Skeights completed the set of grand finalists this Season 2.

Photos Source: http://www.starmometer.com

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