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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Second Semi-Finals

The second batch of semi-finalists: Saurog Dance Troupe, Willy Cordovales, Sandugo Band, Marvic Alvarez, Geo Ed Rebucas and Muriel Lomadilla.
After we witnessed the first semi-finals night where the shadow theater group El Gamma Penumbra and contemporary dancing duo Lucky Twins got the first two slots for the grand finals, 6 contenders with different talent battling for the second semi-finals of Pilipinas Got Talent.

The show opened with the rendition of Mariah Carey's "I'll Be There" from the falsetto singer Geo Ed Rebucas. He can reach the high notes and clean falsetto while singing. It was a good start but in the middle of the song it fell short. However, it was a good performance. 

The 16-member dance troupe from Eastern Samar called the Saurog Dance Troupe shown the liveliness of youth in their performance. I love the concept, costumes and the music choice from the musical "Grease." They have the precise choreography and it was an enjoyable performance.

The 40-year old tricycle driver Willy Cordovales made an impressive auditions with his performance of "Narito" by Gary Valenciano. In his semi-finals performance of "Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin" by Joey Albert, he had a vocal range which is similar to Basil Valdez and Martin Nievera, he has a powerful vocals, clear diction but the song choice is predictable.

The 8-year old metal balancer and twirler Marvic Alvarez did a good hand and eye coordination in twirling and turning the metals even it has a fire. It was an amazing act for his age plus it was very predictable.

The reggae band from San Pablo City, Laguna Sandugo performed Mike Hanopol's classic "No Touch" with a combination of rock and reggae in their performance. They have a very good and consistent showmanship and musicality, singing talent of the vocalist and musicians were fantastic and they have the energy and entertainment value.

The half-Nigerian, half-Filipina singer Muriel Lomadilla from Cebu sang Adele's "Rollin in the Deep." She had the soulful voice of a R&B singer, clear diction and a very good song choice which matches her vocal quality. She is truly a world-class and international performer as well with a radio-friendly voice.

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