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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the Young Blogger Meets the Youngest Presidentiable

JC Delos Reyes, the youngest presidential candidate of 2010 elections.
John Carlos “JC” Delos Reyes is a 2010 presidential candidate from Olongapo City. He is the standard-bearer of Ang Kapatiran Party last elections and the youngest among the presidential contenders. He is also the nephew of Richard Gordon.

I added him in my Facebook account because of his sincerity to run as a president and his passion to help our country towards progress and change. He approved my friend request and one day I was able to have a chat with him, telling that although he make it as the last place and did not win the elections , try to run again in the 2013 Senatorial Elections because of his sincerity and credibility in the politics. After that, he is able to like my essays on online abuse and priorities on ICT in the Aquino administration in my Facebook account. Because of that I send him a message by giving an appreciation on liking my notes (essays) in Facebook. Then after that, he responded by saying that “he was flattered in my note and ICT should be one of the priorities for the new administration.” In my next article about the impacts of issues on violence like the Maguindanao Massacre and the recent Manila Bus Hostage, he also likes my article and he gave a comment about it. Then, when I saw his mobile phone number in his Facebook account, I try to dial it and then he answer by telling that I am the one who create some essays about national issues and exchange of “thank you” for liking my essay and calling him within 2 minutes.

I can say to him that he is a young and soft-spoken person with sincerity and conviction on what he believes in a particular issue. He is a credible politician with a positive thought about changes in the current mainstream in Philippine politics and he believes that we should fight corruption in the government. He is also a nice and humble person, a politician who believes that God is the center of politics and public service and he helps other people toward progress. There are two things that I learned from Sir JC: to stand on my own viewpoint which I am going to side in the particular issue and to have conviction in myself. Although I did not voted for him and he is my third favorite presidentiable among the ten candidates, I really appreciate him more after the elections and I encourage more to write articles and essays about national issues. Hopefully our communication still continues and someday, I will meet him in person.


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