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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Third Semi-Finals

There are four contenders who made it to the grand finals of the third season of Pilipinas Got Talent. The shadow theater group El Gamma Penumbra from week 1 and Sandugo from week 2 are the top winners of text and online votes. On the other hand, the contemporary dancing duo Lucky Twins and singer Muriel Lomadilla won the judges' votes to make it to the finale.

Who among the third batch of semi-finalists will make it to the grand finals? Will it be the powerful vocals of Lyn del Rosario make her way towards the finale? Can Synergy's world-class pole dancing and aerial acrobatics made them as the next grand finalists? Will the flexible and death-defying moves of Gensan Contortionists impress the judges? Will the Jive Dancers make it as the first all-female dance crew to make it on the grand finals? Will Rhonsben Jonota made a superb performance this round after he received a standing ovation from the judges? Will Jefferson and Kurt Bringas will make a touching impact because of their cool talent and touching life story in order for them to win the contest?
The third batch of semi-finalists: singer Lyn del Rosario, all-female dance crew Jive Dancers, aerial acrobatics troupe Synergy, acoustic duo Jefferson & Kurt Bringas, child singer Rhonsben Jonota and contortionist duo Gensan Contortionist.

The first act of the night was the 11-year old singer Rhonsben Jonota with his rendition of Angeline Quinto's "Patuloy ang Pangarap." He had a clear delivery of lyrics, he can sing with emotions and he owned a wide range of voice. Overall, it was a very good performance.

Gensan Contortionists shown an amazing and difficult acrobatics and contortionist moves. They have very flexible moves with various movements in their routine. However, it was very fast and predictable.

The Bringas Brothers (Jefferson and Kurt) performed the 90's classic "More Than Words" by Extreme. They have cool vocals, accompaniment and musicality for acoustic type of music. They  truly own the song and they are simply fantastic. Besides, they inspire other people because of their sob story and their down-to-earth personality.

The Jive Dancers shown a sexy and groovy multi-track dance routine and proved that female dance crew can dominate in a prestigious talent search (most of the dance crews joined in talent search in Philippine TV are composed of male members). They have the street dancing and hiphop moves with energy and truly feminine.

Lyn del Rosario sang Heart's "What About Love" which on that night is her birthday. It was a rockin performance and the song choice suits her vocal range but she didn't reach the higher notes.

The aerial acrobatics troupe Synergy shown a truly world class performance which reminds me of Cirque de Soleil and Amazing Show. The body paints and costumes are truly effective in stage set-up, the pole dancers shown a death-defying moves plus the aerialists did a breathtaking and intense performance (especially the one with a bicycle) which is fantastic and superb. 

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