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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Fourth Semi-Finals

The fourth set of semi-finalists in Pilipinas Got Talent: the gymnastics group Loverkada Kids, singer Rowell Quizon, popping dance crew Triple Sensez, rock band Inner Core, singing and belly dancing duo Twin Divas and puppeteer Kim Tenorio.

Last week, the third batch of semi-finalists compete in a live performance of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 where the acoustic duo of Davao del Sur, Bringas Brothers won the public vote and the aerial acrobatics troupe Synergy won the judges vote. This week is the fourth semi-finals night of Pilipinas Got Talent. Will Kim Tenorio entertained the judges and the viewers with his puppet show? Will Rowell Quizon follows the footsteps of his father Dolphy as well with his brothers Eric, Epi and Boy 2 as a singer and the grand winner of PGT? Will the Twin Divas made their luck with their belly dancing and singing talent to get the P2,000,000? Can Triple Sensez will dance their way to victory with their poppin and lockin moves? Will the Inner Core will be the next band to make it to the finals of season 3 after Sandugo? Will the Loverkada Kids will be the first gymnastics group and contortionists who will make it to the grand finals?

The Twin Divas started the show with their energetic and fierce performance of "Run The World" by Beyonce. They are versatile singers and dancers because they leveled-up from doing belly dancing to hiphop as well with their tempo of song. Definitely they have the total packaging and versatility as total performers.

Kim Tenorio entertained the judges and the crowd with his puppet show including three characters: three baby dolls and one dwarf. He had a very good coordination and movement of puppets, the music choice was groovy and definitely, it gives the best entertainment value for different age levels of audience from kids to oldies. Besides, the story of the puppet show is clearer with additional characters.

From the talented showbiz clan where the King of Comedy Dolphy and actors Epi, Boy2, and Eric Quizon came, singer Rowell Quizon sang Air Supply's "The One That You Love." He had the packaging and the strong audience support but he didn't reach the high notes or there are times that he felt sharp or flat in some of his notes. Therefore, he owned the song.

The poppin dance crew from Cebu Triple Sensez have the precise coordination and movements plus their clean looks and choreography. They remind me of the second season grand finalist  B4 with their dance routine.

Inner Core performed "Fall For you" which they are true blue rockers with their musicality and the voice plus the good diction of the vocalist.

Loverkada Kids performed with their fantastic gymnastic moves and stunts at their young age. They have the precise cartwheels and spins which matches their flexible movements, death defying stunts and amazing contortionist moves. It was a superb performance for their age and they deserve to compete in other countries with their world-class gymnastics routine.


Anonymous said...

i'll go for LOVERKADA kids :)

Anonymous said...

i'll go for loverkada kids :)

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