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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Sixth Semi Finals

Last fifth semi-finals round, Maasinhon Trio got the highest number of public votes and Renagine Pepito won the judges vote which made them as the ninth and tenth grand finalists of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3. Now, only six acts remain to compete for the last two slots for grand finals.

Will Khalil Joseph Ramos become the next singing heartthrob of Pilipinas Got Talent after he received an overwhelming impact from the female audience? Can the youngest contender Jane Ann Arnado will be the young version of Angel Calalas of season 2 in terms of the expertise of hula hoop tricks? Can Flip Duo entertained the crowd with their funny and unique comedic dance routine? Will the only rap group who made it in PGT Kiriko sang their way towards victory with their clear delivery and meaningful rap? Can Technojazz entertain the crowd with their death-defying cheerleading steps which is similar to Dance Selection of season 2? Will  comebacking contestant Jet Barrun sang her way to the finals with her powerful vocals and strong showmanship on stage?
The sixth batch of semi-finalists in PGT: Jane Ann Arnado (hula hoop tricker), Flip Duo (comedic dancing duo), Khalil Joseph Ramos (singer), Technojazz (cheerleading group), Kiriko (rappers), and Jet Barrun (singer).
The death-defying cheerdance and acrobatics stunts of Technojazz  started the show. They have a very funny dance routine plus they have the precise spins extreme and dangerous cheerdancing steps. Their routine reminds me of the steps of Dance Selection of season 2 and other gay dance groups who did that kind of dance routine.

Jane Ann Arnado shown her very good hula hoop tricks at her young age of 7. She did a fantastic job at her age and she will learn a lot of tricks in playing the hula hoop when she grow up.

The rap group Kiriko did an original composition of a song about being a Filipino which inculcates a sense of nationalism. They have a clear delivery of the words, very meaningful lyrics and lines which can be remembered by people when they hear it on the radio or saw it on MTV. Their audition piece is all about the Filipino flag which they have the line "Pula, asul, dilaw at puti" and their semi finals piece line which is "Ito ang lahi ko, Pilipino akong tunay! Ito ang kulay ko, kayumanggi nang habangbuhay!" They truly deserve to have a record deal in OPM plus they can follow the footsteps of Francis M., Andrew E., Salbakuta and Gloc 9 plus they have the meaningful lyrics and music.

The next singing heartthrob and teen rockstar Khalil Joseph Ramos sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith which makes a strong impact among female audience. Definitely he had the star factor because of his good looks, rockin voice and a good musical arrangement that matches in his style.

Flip Duo did a comedic dance from "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. They have a precise interpretation and funny dance moves but their audition performance of "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat is much better than this.

Jet Barrun performed "Lady Marmalade" from the musical Moulin Rouge. It was a perfect song choice because of her powerful, clear and classy vocals. She takes her performance to the other level which she performed a song and dance number which is hard to synchronized. She reminds me of Haley Reinhart of American Idol 10 in terms of vocal style and showmanship. She deserves to be in the finale but she lost the judges vote (anyway she can join in singing contests like X Factor where she can stand out).

In the end, Khalil Joseph Ramos won the public vote which makes him the 11th grand finalist and the judges made a split decision where Kiriko won the vote which makes them the 12th grand finalist over Jet Barrun.

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