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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3: Grand Finals

The shadow theater group El Gamma Penumbra and aerial acrobatics troupe Synergy both received a standing ovation from the judges and overwhelming support from the crown during the semi-finals because of outstanding and world-class talent.
After the nationwide auditions from almost 70 cities, provinces and towns in the Philippines, witnessed the judges deliberation in the selection of top 36 in the Judges Cull and the live semi-finals performance, twelve acts from different parts of the country made it to the grand finals of the third season of Pilipinas Got Talent. 
El Gamma Penumbra of Batangas
The competition began with the shadow theater group El Gamma Penumbra did an amazing way to start the show. They have a very lively song choice about promoting Philippine tourism, fantastic concept of Filipino culture especially the part where Muslim and Christians hold their hands and they did a world-class shadow play.
Maasinhon Trio of Southern Leyte
The singing trio Maasinhon Trio did a very good rendition of "Nais Ko" by Basil Valdez. They have a very good blending of voices and they sing in harmony. They got the perfect song choice and considered as one of the most consistent performers in the third season because of their versions of OPM classics. 
Loverkada Kids of Butuan City
Loverkada Kids of Butuan City did a good gymnastics routine although one member of the group was injured but they still continue to perform in order for them to win. They did a good job in forming horizontal wave formation and the human jump rope. However, the routine they did in the semi finals was their best performance.
Renagine Pepito of Cagayan de Oro
Renagine Pepito of Cagayan de Oro sang Charice's "Note To God." The song matches her vocal prowess and quality but only few people can appreciate the song because of its popularity. Therefore, she deserves to be in the grand finals as the first female child singer to make it to the finale and maybe she will follow the footsteps of Charice and Lea Salonga because of her powerful voice.

Kiriko of Santa Cruz, Laguna
Kiriko of Laguna performed an original composition about Pilipinas Got Talent and achieving the dreams. They have the originality, clarity in delivering their rap, meaningful lyrics and they are consistent performers, that is why they are the only rap group who made it to the finals of PGT since season one. They deserve to have a recording contract which proves that Pinoy rap still lives on. 
Bringas Brothers of Davao del Sur
The acoustic duo of Jefferson and Kurt known as Bringas Brothers performed Eric Clapton's "Change The World." They got the perfect song choice, good accompaniment and the cool vocals plus the song truly matches their life story. They inspire a lot of people because of their story where Kurt received an artificial leg as a help.

Twin Divas of Nueva Ecija
The singing and dancing duo of Mahal and Honey or the Twin Divas took their performance to the other level where they sang Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" where they belt out like divas. After that, they showed their versatility in the tune of Jennifer Lopez's "Let's Get Loud" where they sing and dance plus they took it to the ultimate performance level.
Muriel Lomadilla of Cebu
Muriel Lomadilla of Cebu did a soulful and groovy performance of "Killing Me Softly with his Song" where she performed using her foreign beauty and world-class voice. She had already an identity as a next recording star in our country with her soulful voice, unique singing style and total packaging as a music star.

Lucky Twins of Leyte
The contemporary dancing duo Lucky Twins did a heartfelt interpretative dance. They have the precise and passionate choreography and they are truly good contemporary jazz dancers. They have the posture and grace in dancing which looks masculine.

Sandugo Band of San Pablo City, Laguna
Sandugo performed "Yugyugan Na" by P.O.T. which their performance is somewhat away from their comfort zone which is reggae. They shown versatility where they performed funk and reggae. Still, they still have a strong showmanship and energy from the vocalist to the musicians.

Khalil Joseph Ramos of Paranaque
Khalil Joseph Ramos got the support and audience impact because of his boy next door looks and rockin voice in his rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On." He performed with powerful vocals and he can be the next rock heartthrob. Although it was a hard song to sing, he rendered it properly which makes the girls supported him.

Synergy of San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
The aerial acrobatics troupe Synergy did a storytelling through their breathtaking and death-defying aerial acrobatic stunts plus their concept and their colorful costumes. They got the standing ovation from the judges because of their world-class performance which can be compared to Las Vegas circus performance or even in Cirque de Soleil. 

In the end, Khalil, Bringas Brothers and Maasinhon Trio make it to the top 3. Maasinhon Trio got the highest number of votes which made them the winner of the third season of Pilipinas Got Talent. 
Maasinhon Trio, the grand champion of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3.
Blogger's Note: Maasinhon Trio is one of the talented contestants in PGT because although their act is common (due to the dominance of singing trios last season especially the Madrigal Siblings, DJP Trio and Joy's Diva) they are the all-male version plus their age bracket of 38-45 makes me impressed because they can sing with blending and the song choices they had which is more on OPM. All of the 12 contestants are truly talented and this batch is the most diverse in terms of different talents they have. El Gamma Penumbra made a fantastic shadow play about Philippine culture and tourism, Synergy did a very exceptional aerial acrobatics routine which can be competed in international circus shows like Cirque de Soleil, Renagine consistently amazed the crowd with her powerful vocals and Khalil made the girls cry because of his good looks and rockin voice. All of the 12 performers did a great job especially this season the talent has take to another level!

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