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Sunday, October 30, 2011

TV Classics Review: Showtime Season 2 Grand Finals

The grand finalists from Showtime Season 2: Lal-lo's Blacklight Performers, Mama's Boys, Xtreme 24/7 and Laoag City Gymnastics Group.
The grand finals for the second season of Showtime held last December 18, 2010 where 10 contenders compete for the one million pesos prize. They have different assets that is why they made it to the finale from colorful costumes, fantastic dance routines, and great concepts which show their talent and entertainment value. 
  • Big Trio (Nueva Ecija) - They have the very good Asian concept which reflects in their Shaolin costumes and props. They have the good way to start the show because of their precise choreography and stunts. Score: 9
  • Kidz@Trix (Davao City) - They have the passion in dancing but it was very unorganized dance routine because of the song choice they have which is somewhat not good to the ears of listeners (especially with the gun sound effect).Score: 8
  • 89.9 Hoodz (Zamboanga del Sur) - They have the very good talent and passionate dance routine. They got the attitude but the song choice is not good. However, they got the attention of the audience when someone injured in their routine but it was a joke. Score: 9
  • Mama's Boys (Manila) - They have the entertainment factor plus the fact that they were all comedians. They have a very good concept, costume and funny song selection. Score: 9
  • Lal-lo's Blacklight Performers (Cagayan Valley) - I really love this group because of their heartfelt performance, touching song choice and concepts which can be integrated in their blacklight theater. They have the best concept because they tell their story of their journey in Showtime from showing their winning pieces and in the end, they remembered the Christmas season. Score: 10
  • Speed Movers Crew (Misamis Occidental) - They have the breathtaking stunts however it was a very common dance routine from season 1. Score: 7
  • Xtreme 24/7 (Zamboanga del Norte) - They have the light and groovy song choice and they are total performers from their colorful animated printed tshirts, blacklight dance, very good dance steps and meaningful rap. Score: 10
  • Laoag City Gymnastics Group (Ilocos Norte) - They are truly stunning performers which shown a world-class gymnastics performance. They are sophisticated, spectacular and superb. They deserve to compete in Olympics in gymnastics category. They truly deserved a standing ovation. Score: 10
  • Zero Gravity (Leyte) - They have the precise movements and good character portrayal but their monthly finals performance is much better. Score: 8
  • Ground Zero (North Cotabato) - They have a touching interpretative dance and a song choice. The boys have a brave attempt to do interpretative dance but it was predictable. Score:

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