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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Navigating Laguna Loop: Magdalena

The welcome arch of Magdalena, Laguna.
Situated at the foothills of Mt.Banahaw, Magdalena is considered as one of the most peaceful towns in Laguna. The town is surrounded by Sta.Cruz on the north, Pagsanjan on northeast, Nagcarlan on the west, Majayjay on southeast, and Liliw on the south. You can go there via jeepney from Santa Cruz for less than fifteen minutes.

Magdalena is a town where the people are living on a typical provincial life. You can feel the rural ambiance through the coconut plantations, rice fields, clear rivers, lush vegetation and the traditional simple life among the people living in this town. 

I went there to experience the peaceful life and it is part of my journey in the Laguna Loop. First, I visited the Bahay Laguna. This landmark was established 14 years ago and it serves as a museum dedicated to Former Governor Felicisimo San Luis, who lead the province for almost 33 years. I had a chance to visit the house and it was surprising that Mrs. Felicidad San Luis, the wife of the former governor, was there during that time. She was able to conduct a leadership training in that house, along with the youth leaders from different parts of Laguna. I had a chance to tour around the museum and I saw all the memorabilla of Governor San Luis which reflects the progress in the province of Laguna during his administration for three decades. I also read a poem entitled "Pangarap" (Dreams) written by Gov. San Luis where it can be sung in the tune of Matt Monro's "The Impossible Dream." In the end of the house visit, I gave a souvenir to Mrs. San Luis as a token of appreciation for meeting her. I also visited the house for the second time where we exchange messages through letters as a remembrance.

The landmark in the foothills of Mt. Banahaw, Bahay Laguna which serves as a museum
for memorabilla of things and achievements during the administration of
 Felicisimo San Luis, the governor who served Laguna for three decades.
 In addition, it is also a museum of different local objects
which can be found in the province.
The office of Governor Felicisimo San Luis.
The statue of Gov. Felicisimo San Luis and below his figure,
the poem he wrote entitled "Pangarap" (A Dream).
The poem "Pangarap" can be sung in a tune of Matt Monro's classic "The Impossible Dream." 
The products from Laguna which can be found inside the museum.
In front of Bahay Laguna, there is a marker near in Maimpis River where Emilio Jacinto was shot by the Spaniards during the Philippine Revolution on 1898. He was brought to St. Mary Magdalene Church in order to sought refuge. Today, the markers found in front of Bahay Laguna and in St. Mary Magdalene Church are historical spots which shows that the town served an important role in country's history.
The Emilio Jacinto Marker which serves as a place where he was shot near in Maimpis River in 1898.
Also, the St. Mary Magdalene Church is one of the Spanish Baroque churches around the Laguna Loop. It was started constructing on 1825 and finished on 1851. It is located in the town plaza of Magdalena along with Rizal Park, a central elementary and secondary school, a stage, and the municipal hall. I had a chance to go around in the plaza where children were able to guide me to Emilio Jacinto marker inside the church.
The St. Mary Magdalene Church in Magdalena, Laguna founded in 1851
where Emilio Jacinto sought refuge in this church after he injured
because he was shot by the revolutionaries.

The Emilio Jacinto Marker inside the church. There is a part where his blood stains
 was covered by glass and  also a pair of bolo and his hat.
The municipal hall of Magdalena, Laguna.
The town plaza of Magdalena.
Children were able to play football as their pastime.
The most important thing I discovered about Magdalena is the simplicity of life. I enjoyed my trip there because of the rustic ambiance of the town in terms of the location where you can feel the cool air, verdant environment, the tranquil mood of the community, and the cleanliness of roads, rivers and farms. In my case, it was also rare to see the old ways of people which shows the typical life in a rural Filipino area that I witnessed in Magdalena. For example, there are men who used horses in transportation, some women made their laundry in the river, and residents enjoying their life in the farm. Finally, there are past events in the town that takes part in our colorful history of our country that reflects in different landmarks in the town. Therefore, Magdalena is a classic example of a place situated in the lush and verdant foothills which shows a peaceful and typical rural life among the residents and a historical glimpse that you can learn from the town's landmarks.


Blanca Dela Cruz said...

very informative post. Makes me want to go here.:)

Franc Ramon said...

Seeing your blog post made me remember my usual summer vacations in the province on how simple life is in the provinces.

Traveling Morion/Jeffrey Rilles said...

been here! and iluv the beautiful spots and people of magdalena!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Dami talaga mapupuntahan sa Laguna. I'd like to visit Emilio's marker someday.

Mishidems said...

I've never been to this part of Laguna. What's the best way to get here (via commuting)? :)

eigroj said...

I love the church photos--- and i noticed kids in phil now starts to play football which is super huge here in Europe.

Sweethestia said...

I think I've been here in 1999 can't remember the name but I remember the place

Markable said...

I always wanted to explore Laguna..kaso EK lang napupuntahan ko jan. lelz

guolisha said...

I just love photos with kids in them. Nice post. :D

TheJonDiesta said...

You can go to Magdalena, Laguna via commuting from Manila, you can drive through SLEX to Calamba Exit. Then take the National Road passing the towns of Los Banos, Bay, Calauan, Victoria, Pila, and Sta. Cruz. From Sta. Cruz you can drive a jeepney (with signboards such as Liliw-Nagcarlan or Magdalena) passing the town of Pagsanjan and you can visit the town of Magdalena,

TheJonDiesta said...

Best ways to go there via commuting or you can drive your own car to Magdalena.

athena said...

the municipal hall looks very historical as well. i really like its facade.

i've never been to laguna though...

AyLin said...

Andami talagang historical places na pwedeng puntahan sa Laguna. Sana on our next roadtrip, Magdalena naman ang destination namin. =)

Gabz said...

Wow, I've never been here but I would love to check out this place one these weekends. Great place to relax and escape from the busy life in Manila. :)

marri said...

Nice place to explore.
Very historic and
LAGUNA has become
part of our heritage.

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