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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Navigating Laguna Loop: Nagcarlan

As we continue our journey in the Laguna Loop, there is a town where you can appreciate the history as well with the fact that you can enjoy the gifts of nature. You can found it in the highland town of Nagcarlan.

Nagcarlan is a town in Laguna surrounded by the towns of Rizal on the southwest, Liliw on the southeast, Calauan on the west, Victoria on northwest, Magdalena on the east and Pila on the north.

Nagcarlan became a town in 1583 under Fr. Tomas  de Miranda, the person who brought the wheat seeds in our country. The town was named after Ana Kalang, a famous rich and generous woman who helped the people of the town. Today, the statue of Ana Kalang can be found under the arch. A few steps away from the statue, you can found the famous landmark in Nagcarlan which is the Underground Cemetery.
The statue of Ana Kalang, a rich and generous woman in Nagcarlan.
The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery was founded in 1851 by a Franciscan priest named Fr. Vicente Velloc. It was the secret meeting place of the Katipuneros during the Philippine Revolution. Today, it is a historical site where it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Laguna. It is also first in our country to have an Underground Cemetery. As you enter the place, you will saw a bricked facade of the gate as well with the aisle going to the cemetery. There are almost hundred of niches in the octagonal grounds. Then, you can visit the chapel and the underground crypt where you there are thirty-six niches. Spanish friars, former cabeza de barangays and prominent people in Nagcarlan during the Spanish period was buried in the underground cemetery. 
The bricked facade of Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.
The way to Underground Cemetery with the octagonal ground with approximately hundred niches. As you walk to the Underground Cemetery, you can see the santan flowers and the green grass in the grounds.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery was declared as historical site in 1981.
Then I visited the Nagcarlan Church. It was established in 1752. The Baroque architecture is still evident. There are also beliefs that there is a tunnel that connected from the Church to the  Underground Cemetery. In addition, there are people said that when you climbed the bell tower, you can see the panoramic view of Nagcarlan as well with the neighboring towns Mount Banahaw.
The Nagcarlan Church is one of the churches from the Spanish period.
Nagcarlan is a perfect place for nature getaway for some reasons. First, you can feel the thrill of the zigzag roads as you go to different barangays. In addition, you can also try to do hiking because it is landlocked by different mountains such as Banahaw and San Cristobal. You can feel the refreshing coolness of the clear waters flowing from Mt. Banahaw. There are many resorts such as swimming pools, rivers and waterfalls such as the simple and beautiful Bunga Falls. I rode to a tricycle in order to make it to Bunga Falls and it was such a hard trip especially when it can be found in the middle of dense forests and you can go down with a slippery and rocky slope which made me feel exhausted. However, the view of the waterfall captivates me and it worth a lot from a tiring travel.
Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan.

The clear and cool water flowing from Mount Banahaw. Old folks believed that the water from Banahaw heals  sickness.
The highway in Nagcarlan where you can see Mt.Banahaw.
Nagcarlan is a perfect place to have an idyllic nature getaway. You can feel the lush vegetation, fresh air, clear water flowing in the river, the thrilling zigzag road within the mountainous terrain and the simple rural life of people living in that area. You can recognize the fact that you can travel back in time in Nagcarlan through the Underground Cemetery and the Nagcarlan Church which preserved from the Spanish period that reflects the colorful history of our country.


TheFrugalWanderer said...

oooh. love the waterfalls. aren't you allowed to climb the bellfry tower?

unsugarcoatedreviews.com said...

Great photos! The cemetery shots reminded me of Paco Park.

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

The town of Nagcarlan is a must-visit place for history buffs and nature lovers.

Kalabasa K. Kamote said...

The town of Nagcarlan is a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers.

bayenmd said...

I agree. it is definitely an idyllic view.

Tripper10 : Tripsiders said...

The Best yung photos ng falls..:)
Wish ko, makapunta ako dyan this year... o kaya next year...heheheh..

MaryJane Tauyan said...

the waterfalls looks inviting! nice place as well!!

Francis Balgos said...

Nice share!
you got me a spot to visit in Laguna..

Eihdra said...

I think I've been here before but couldn't remember exactly when. The place is memorable..

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